4 Ways Moms and Wives Can Relax

Hi sweet wives and moms! In case you didn’t catch yesterday’s post about the debut of my ebook 25 Days to a Happier Home and the $50 Amazon gift card giveaway — go scurry over there and check it out! Many of you have written and asked for the ebook, and it is finally here! Twenty-five daily challenges are woven into 100 plus pages of encouragement of inspiration. It’s all available in an easy-to-read format and you can get those marriage, parenting and homemaking tips right now! Take the time to read it — your family is worth it!

how wives and moms can relax

To go along with our happier home theme, I wanted to leave you one tip to make your home a happier place today. This tip is not included in the 25 Days to a Happier Home ebook, but would certainly fit right in. Are you ready to make one simple change today to create a happy place for your husband and kiddos? Sure you are! Here goes!


Huh? Shouldn’t I cook up a five course meal or spring clean the house today?

Nope, just relax. I am not talking about staying in your jammies all day and letting the laundry pile up. I am saying stay calm in your daily tasks today. If your child spills kool-aid on the carpet today — relax. I know it’s irritating, but it’s just carpet. Clean up the kool-aid mess and move on. If your husband forgets to fix the leaky sink again, try to relax. I know it’s hard to clean a kitchen and keep things moving with leaky sinks and and broken pipes, but it will eventually get taken care of. Don’t let it ruin your relationship with your husband!

How can I relax?

Everyone’s situation is different, but these four things help me keep my cool — even when things get a little hair-raising!

How Moms and Wives Can Relax

  • Change scenery. Is home-schooling taking hours and hours? You have meals to cook, floors to sweep, kids to play with and one of your kids has been working on ONE subject of three hours. True story. What do you do? Yell at your child to “Hurry up!” and complain about all the other things you have going on in life? Nope. Relax. Take a break from school, go outside and enjoy the scenery. Play ball, go grab an ice cream or anything to break up the stressful situation, but don’t overreact. It things go awry today, change things up a bit and go to the park, the library or just a stroll around the yard. Changing scenery can help you regroup and calm down. Sometimes this is the only step we need to take to re-group.
  • Consider what is really important. Are you late for an appointment? That can be nerve-wrecking, but if the circumstances are completely beyond your control, it’s much better to arrive at your appointment with a sweet spirit than on a rant and rave streak. Is the cashier at the grocery store going extra slow? Relax! It’s better to return home with your family with a sweet smile then walk in the door with irritation and anger in your demeanor just because the cashier punched in a few wrong numbers. Those things are not going to matter in the big picture. But your relationship with your spouse, your children and other people you meet from day-to-day is. Don’t put stress on those relationships because of tiny bumps in the road. Drive on — with a smile!
  • Realize there are things beyond your control. The road is closed, school is canceled, or it just rained on your daughter’s birthday party that was at the park. (Yeah that really happened.) You could not have prevented those happenings, so just go with it. No matter how much we get irritated or complain about those unforeseen circumstances, the situation will not change. Don’t stress about these issues, just work with them and figure out a plan b,c,d or even f! Life happens, doesn’t it?
  • Pray. If situations seem to steal all your thoughts and energy, take them to the God — and leave them there. God tells us to cast our burden on Him. Why? Because he cares for us. Though it is hard to comprehend why God would love and care for us after we have failed Him over and over, He does — more than you know. Take your burdens, your trials and your failures to God and He will work out a solution. He already has all the answers. So…relax. God has the answers, trust in Him.

Don’t let daily mishaps rob your family of a happy atmosphere. Your family needs a sweet, cool and calm mom and wife to guide the house and keep the happiness temperature of the home on “just about perfect.”

Want more happy home tips and challenges? Don’t forget to check out the new ebook that focuses on making your home the most pleasant place on earth!

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