30 Summer Activities Kids Absolutely Love!

Your Kids Will Love These Fun, Summer Activities!

We only have 18 summers with our kids.

Let’s make them count!

Summer activities don’t have to be extremely complicated, but they should be extremely fun!

Summer activities kids LOVE!

Simple crafts, activities and recipes are what help create an amazing summer that’s packed with whimsical memories!

Ready to give your child an awesomer-than-awesome summer?

Check out this HUGE list of ideas!

kids playing some summer activities together

30 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activity #1: Plant Hunt.

Such a simple idea, but kids of many ages LOVE it!

Have you kids collect plants for the yard.

After the big plant hunt is over, spend some time identifying the plants.

You can even create a plant journal to record your simple, outdoor, plant hunt!

Summer Activity #2: Bug Hunt

I got this idea from our local library.

During one of their summer reading programs, they gave all the participants a bug finder container, magnifying glass and binoculars.

It ws a fun way to encourage kids to hunt for bugs and identify them after hunt.

As with any hunt, make sure kids avoid dangerous plants and bugs!

Always supervise the adventurous, outdoor hunts!

glitter for summer activities for kids

Summer Activity #3: Make a Kite

Incredibly simple, but making your own kite is an extraordinary adventure!

Find instructions on making your own kite here!

Summer Activity #4: Sensory Water Balloons

These colorful balloons are squishy, filled with water and last for days!

They can even be attached to loom bands to create a water balloon yo-yo!

Find our tutorial on sensory water balloon balls here!

Summer activities for kids using water balloons

Summer Activity #5: Backyard Obstacle Course

These are incredibly fun and dads seem to be the best experts at building a backyard obstacle course.

I recommend leaving this summer activity to for the weekend so you can have extra time creating a memorable one without being stressed!

Heres a fun obstacle course to check out!

Summer Activity #6: Lemonade Stand

Sometimes classic, summer activities are the best! Make and sell lemonade in your neighborhood.

Try strawberry lemonade, pink lemonade, frosted lemonade and sparkling lemonade to make the lemonade stand even more adventurous!

You can even serve these lemonade cupcakes too!

baking is summer activity kids love

Summer Activity #7: DIY Waterpark

One genius mom created her own DIY waterpark and gave us the plans!

It’s simple and will definitely win the BEST SUMMER IDEA EVER award!

Grab the instructions here!


Summer Activity #8: Baking Day!

It’s summer, so we want tot keep things easy, simple and non messy! Kids LOVE to bake…but sometimes they don’t realize that until they AFTER they baked a masterpiece..ha!

Find a few easy desserts, like cake mix cookies, and make your kitchen smell like a bakery…all while creating incredible, summer memories with your kids!

Or you can try these rainbow cookies too.

They’re pictured below!

Rainbow cookies for the summer

Summer Activity #9: Family Play

Make simple costumes, backdrops and even write a simple script…or reenact a children’s book or a favorite scene from a movie.

Keep it non-stressful and fun!

We used a scarf of mine, eyeliner and a plastic sword to create this simple, pirate costume!

It took minutes to throw together!

summer pretend play for kids

Summer Activity #10: Visit the Local Zoo

Pack a lunch, water, juice, sunscreen and head to your local zoo to learn all about animals!

Local zoos are normally very affordable and even have fun shops, petting zoos and snacks!

One of our local zoos even has an outdoor park we can enjoy before and after we visit the animals!

Summer Activity #11: Visit the Local Library

We love, love, LOVE our local library!

A library is so much more than books…especially during the summer!

There are summer reading programs, craft opportunities, specialized workshops, board games, computer games, audio books, DVDs, magazines and more.

Get more involved with your local library so you can know all the adventures that are available in the summer.

Summer Activity #12: Family Field Day

Don’t let the schools have all the field day fun!

You can easily create a field day for your family by breaking up into two teams.

One team could wear red and one team could wear yellow.

Have simple races and relays set up and even grab a few prizes from the dollar store for the winning team!

Activities kids love in the summer

Summer Activity #13: Backyard Camping

You don’t have to travel far to have a camping experience!

Take your tents, sleeping bags and snacks to your backyard and camp out for one night as a family!


Summer Activity #14: Living Room Camping

Not an outdoors type?

Totally get it!

Turn your living room into an indoor campground with tents, homemade forts and, definitely bring some no-campfire needed s’mores for that extra camping feel!

Grab the Sweet and Salty S’mores recipe here!

fun recipes for kids to enjoy during the summer

Summer Activity #15: Homemade Playdough

I had no idea this was so easy to make until our daily moved to a place that didn’t sell play dough.

Seriously, you can make almost any kind of play dough at home!

Then, you can play all kinds of summer activities with the play dough!

We often just create a play dough state and everyone has to guess what it is.

The kids love that summer activity!

To get started, try this super simple, play dough recipe!

Summer Activity #16: Sidewalk Foam Paint

Our kids love drawing on the sidewalk!

Making our own sidewalk foam paint adds another layer of fun to this summer activity for kids!

Find out how to make sidewalk foam paint here!

foam paint for the summer

Summer Activity #17: Water Gun Painting

My genius friend Melissa came up with this idea!

It makes paint outride WAY more fun when you’re painting with water guns!

Check out her clever, summer activity idea that’s all about painting with water guns here!

Summer Activity #18: Water Balloon Fight

Fill up water balloons and start tossing! Kids of all ages love this summer activity!

Summer Activity #19: Customized Tees

Try making tie-dye tees or keep it even more simple and make customized tees with iron-on transfers!

We have a fun one for Cinderella fans you can download here!

tee shirts for kids in the summer

Summer Activity #20: Rock Painting

A classic activity kids still love to do during the summer!

Use washable paints, nail polish or even markers to color and paint rocks.

Then, make a colorful rock garden for your kids to display the colorful artwork!

Summer Activity #21: Bird Snacks

Teach your kids how to make super simple snacks for birds!

Our favorite is this peanut butter treats recipe for birds.

It’s even in the shape of hearts and tied with ribbons! How cute is that!

Making bird treats for the summer

Summer Activity #22: Giant Bubbles

Bubbles are an incredible fun, summer activity!

But, GIANT bubbles are even better!

Find out how to make your own giant bubbles here!

making giant bubbles in the summer with kids

Summer Activity #23: Paper Plane Race

Create all different types of paper airplanes and let your kids have a race!

Here is an awesome book that teaches oodles of paper airplane designs.

My son loves his paper plane airplane book!

Genius, right?!

Summer Activity #24: Moon Sand

If you don’t know what moon sand is, you’re missing out!

It’s sand that sticks together and your kids can build with it.

Once your kids learn how to make moon sand, they’ll ask to do this summer activity over and over!

Here’s a moon sand recipe you can try today!

Summer Activity #25: Classic Bowling

Most of the times we’re way too busy to head to the bowling alley during the school year.

The summer is the perfect time to teach your kids the basic of this fun sport!

Plus, most bowling alleys offer summer discounts!

Summer Activity #26: Stick Maze

Create a maze with sticks…in your now backyard!

Find out how to make this fun summer activity a reality for your kids here!

Summer Activity #27: Pottery

Find a local pottery shop near you that offers summer classes.

You’ll make fun memories creating new masterpieces with your kids!

Summer Activity #28: Pretend Restaurant Play

Our kids LOVE pretending their waitress and waitresses during our summer lunches!

They create menus, take orders and we even leave tips!

Very little prep needed for this activity and kids can be super creative with menus!

Incredibly fun if you have three or more kids at home!

Summer Activity #29: Picnics

Take advantage of gorgeous weather by eating outdoors.

Grab a blanket and take your lunch outdoors.

Kids don’t have to have the perfect picnic, they just love the change in scenery!

Summer picnics for kids

Summer Activity #30: Backyard Safari

Set up stuffed animals outside and tell kids to spot the animals and write them down!

You can always add binoculars, safari hats and even have safari themed snacks after for the perfect, summer kids activity!

Which Summer Activity For Kids Will You Try First?

Have an awesome summer — with your kids!

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