10 Super-sweet Perks In Marriage No One Tells You About

There are MAJOR Perks to Being Married!


It’s gotten a lot of negative flack the past decade.

You read about all the struggles, infidelity and arguments — but rarely do you hear about these awesome perks!

marriage perks people don't tell you

Today I’m changing the status quo — at least in my small part of the online world.

I want the whole entire world to know that being in a faithful, trustworthy marriage is beyond bliss – it’s the closet thing to heaven.

Even sweeter than the smell of newborn baby’s breath — though that’s pretty amazing too! <3

Super-sweet Perks in Marriage No One Tells You About

You can eat all your favorite things on the menu.

When my husband and I go on a date, we order smart.

That is, smart for our taste buds!

We find a few things on the menu that we love, and share them!

That way there’s no agonizing about the spicy Thai shrimp that could have been or deciding whether or not to get the antichoke spinach dip.

We just grab a few things that sound mouth-watering to us both and share!

There’s someone to watch the kids when you’re throwing up.

I know we just talked about food, but life is full of sick days too — and even stomach viruses and food poisoning.

I’m so glad I don’t have to struggle through those days alone.

If I’m the “lucky” one with the flu, food poisoning or even a migraine, I have a spouse who understands and watches the kids for me, gets meals on the table ad keeps the family running until I’m able to get back to my job.

There’s someone in your life that knows your favorites.

Coffee or flowers?

My husband knows the answer to this one!

Chocolate or vanilla?

He knows the answer to that one too!

Date night or girls night out?

He doesn’t have to think twice to know what I truly desire.

He knows me.

And because of that, he surprises me with my favorite things — and gets it right!

You share a love for those tiny people in your home.

No one seems to understand how crazy wonderful my kids are — except my husband!

When birthdays come around, there’s no on else that gets such bubbly joy than my husband and me when we see our kids squeal over a gift they just received.

We often chat and laugh at night about something cute they said or an embarrassing moment.

No one else seems to want to listen to our kids sing, “Twinkle, Twinkle” 37 times — -but we do!

You have an on-call masseuse.

I try not to complain too much, but my husband knows I ache almost every single day of my life.

I don’t have to head out to a massage parlor to find some relief — he’s there to massage all those achy spots.

And when he’s sore from exercising?

He knows I’m there to massage his pain away too.

No appointments needed!

You can have more than one date night a week.

When the love of your life lives with you, you can always make time for a date night at home!

That could be a movie, cup of hot cocoa, fun game of ping pong, take-out Chinese or anything that helps you too just relax and focus on each other!

Or you can always grab our BIG list of at-home date night ideas!

A Good Marriage is Full of Perks!

You always have a friend to play games with you.

It took me a few months to convince my husband to play Rook, but he’s a big fan now!

In fact, we travel with a deck of Rook cards and try to convert our friends to learn and play the game with us!

Even when friends aren’t around, my husband and I always have a friend to play our favorite games with — even if they seem lame to our friends!

You always have someone to celebrate holidays with.

No more wishing that someone would buy you a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day or put a gift for you under the Christmas tree.

Every holiday that you choose to celebrate, you always have a special someone to share it with.

Bring on the mistletoe!

You don’t have to ride the rides at the amusement park alone.

Ever seen someone riding a roller coaster alone?

I feel bad for those people!

I loved riding the tallest roller coasters in the park with my husband.

He calls me, “a screamer.”

But, I just can’t help it — it’s an involuntary action that races out of my mouth — without warning!

You have someone to share magical memories with.

The Grand Canyon?

I saw it with my husband.

Niagara Falls?

Admired it alongside my husband.

My first airplane flight?

I began that venture with my husband.

First baby?

My husband held my hand through each contraction.

I talk about how we had no-scream, natural births and how you can too here!

Those special memories that are tucked away in my heart have all been shared with my husband.

They’re “our” memories now!

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