Three Are Better than One!

Pregnancy test-results

After only three months of marriage, it happened. I got the fever. You know the one. The fever that affects most women of child-bearing age. Yep. The overwhelming desire to have a little bambino to call your own.

“Why after only three months of marriage?” you may ask.

Well, it’s quite simple. Everyone around me was having these tiny, wrinkled people called newborns. My husband and I were literally in the hospital or in someone’s home every single week that had a newborn baby!

Naturally the new moms always offered the newly-wed girl the opportunity to hold the new bundle of joy. I cannot begin to explain the amount of happiness I felt when I held those amazing examples of God’s handiwork. I didn’t want to give them back — they already had my heart!

Thoughts of having my very own child begin to consume my mind almost hourly. To have a small person that had my dimples, my husband’s eyes and my brother’s personality was an exciting, but seemingly, faraway dream.

I never spoke of these thoughts to anyone except my husband. Pride and embarrassment over-flooded my heart as I thought about all the criticism I would receive for wanting a baby after only three months of marriage. Still, I couldn’t calm this motherly desire.

As thoughts of babies flooded my mind, I fell on my knees and prayed.

“Please God. Please give me a child. I so want to be a mother. I want to know that joy!”

Several weeks passed and I began to feel pretty queasy. My husband and I both had our suspicions but tried to suppress our anticipation — just in case it was a false alarm.

On our usual busy Saturday, my hubby and I decided to stop by CVS to grab a pregnancy test — just to see if our suspicions were correct. When we got there, we searched and debated over which one to buy. It was nerve-wrecking to think we may take a test and get a false positive or negative. We didn’t want our emotions and hopes to soar, only to be bashed with an incorrect result!

Instead of making the difficult decision of choosing one test, we did what any normal, paranoid, excited couple would do. We bought three tests — three are better than one, right?

We still had several hours before we could go home. We were working at the church and I would take the test when we got home. But, my husband and I couldn’t wait any longer. Those test held the answers to the question that was repeating in our minds!

I grabbed the three tests and decided to take them then and there. The tests only took a few minutes to show the results, but it seemed like an eternity. One by one, each test showed a positive result! Pink and blue lines were everywhere!

I was grinning from ear to ear and showed all three tests to my hubby. He was excited too, but we had to keep all the good news inside until we told our parents.

With mixed reactions from family and friends, my hubby and I began planning for our adventure in parenting. However, I didn’t know the first question everyone asked this soon-to-be-mom.

“How far along are you?”

Hmmm…good question. I felt so silly that I didn’t know!

I ran to the library and checked out pregnancy books. All of those books had charts to calculate how far along you were as well as your estimated due date. After scouring the books, I finally had an answer.

It would have been a lot easier if my pregnancy test would have told me how far along I was!

Luckily for women trying to conceive now, someone did manufacture a nifty pregnancy test that not only gives you accurate results, but tells you how many weeks pregnant you are! Pretty neat, huh?

clear-blue-easy pregnancy test

My favorite drug store, CVS, is offering a clear-blue easy pregnancy test that is approximately 93% accurate in estimating the number of weeks you are pregnant based on the time since ovulation. It also displays your test results in words — not pink or blue lines that can sometimes be hard to read. Instead, this new pregnancy test reads, “Not pregnant” or “Pregnant-1 week” and so on.

I have only one complaint. Why didn’t they have this pregnancy test years ago? I would have looked like a much more knowledgeable mom!

Do you have a memorable pregnancy test experience? Do you think it would be really neat to know how many weeks pregnant you are from a pregnancy test? Let me know in the comments!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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