Tips New Moms Wish You Knew Before Visiting the Newborn Baby

Bringing a tiny human being into this world is quite an exhausting job. New moms have been waiting for their babies for nine very long months. And yes, there are tips new moms wish you knew before visiting the newborn baby, but not all of them are brave enough to tell you!

visiting newborn baby

As a mom of six kids, I remember how tense it can be when anew baby is born. There are emotions all over the place — and they’re not all coming from the new mom. A new mom has to protect her gorgeous newborn baby, but she also has to be sensitive to family and friends. What’s the right balance?

I can’t be there for every mom who has a newborn baby, but I can do my part and spread the word in my comfy space on the internet. Mom blogging is more than a business; it’s an opportunity to make a mom’s journey of motherhood even better!

So, let’s dig in and chat about what you should know before visiting a tiny, precious newborn baby!

visiting newborn baby

Tips New Moms Wished You Knew Before Visiting the Newborn Baby

  • Ask permission. Don’t bombard the brand new mom with endless texts or phone calls. Let her mom or husband know you’d like to visit the new baby and family. THere’s so much going on during the first few days after a baby is born and sometimes it’s better if you just let the parents and immediate family enjoy some quiet time. You can always visit after the baby comes home!I kid you not. This is a real-life story. Someone (who will remain anonymous) actually called my husband during the pushing stage of my labor. Instead of just waiting, she called several times during the labor and even during the pushing stage. Sometimes I wonder if people remember when they had a baby!
  • Be thoughtful about your choice of gifts. If mom and baby are at the hospital remember that any gifts they receive have to be carried home. Over-sized stuffed animals are not the most convenient thing to squish into a car on your first ride home with a new baby. Keep gifts simple, but practical. Choose gift cards to restaurants, healthy food packages, both salts, body balms, chap stick, homemade goodies, new comfy socks and even an eye mask so mom can catch some winks during the day. She’ll be thankful you put common sense thinking into your gifts!
  • Refrain from being loud. If you’re normally a loud talker, lower your voice a few notches when you’re visiting a newborn baby. Babies are super sensitive during those first few months — and mom may be too!
  • Always bring a small gift! If you take the time to visit the family of the newborn baby at the new parents’ home, make sure you bring a little gift or two. Cupcakes, meals, coffee, diapers, wipes, smoothies etc. are always good choices! It’s difficult for a new mom and dad to get out of the house so bringing a few of their favorite drinks or snacks is a super-nice touch. And if you want some super-awesome free gifts to take to the new mom and baby, you can snag some here!
  • Ask about bringing your kids in advance. Some new moms are fine with you bringing a few of your kids. Other moms are super careful about germs and noises. Ask beforehand what the new mom and dad prefer and honor their decision!
  • Sanitize your hands. I always dive for the sink when I’m greeting a new little one. It’s proper to always welcome a new baby with clean hands just in case you get hold the little bundle!
  • Don’t visit if you’re sick.A sore throat, a few sniffles or a cough should make you re-think visiting the newborn baby. Send your well wishes another way and wait until you’re healthy again to visit. The parents will thank you for putting their baby’s health first!
  • Don’t shovel out parenting tips. This is a new phase for parents, don’t flood them with your advice and views on parenting, breast-feeding and vaccines. Just let the parents navigate this new journey and if they need advice help — they’ll ask!
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  • Leave the perfume at home. Sure, smelling nice is great, but just stick with basic soap and shampoo when you’re visiting a newborn. New moms and babies are often very sensitive to strong scents. Keep their noses happy by just being fresh clean without the extra splash of perfume.
  • Don’t insist on holding the baby. Just wait and see if the parents offer. It’s possible there were several visitors that day and the parents won’t the baby to rest or relax instead of getting passed around. Just enjoy celebrating anew life and if you get to hold the baby — great! If not —no big deal!
  • Offer help! Making meals, doing light cleaning and even baby-sitting other kids is always a welcome relief to parents of newborns. So much is going on that it’s tough to tackle the daily tasks of a new family. Offer to wash the car, fold laundry etc. Every new parent can benefit from some extra sets of helping hands — be that set!
  • Don’t take things personal. If the new parents forget to invite you over or seem a little bit irritable or tired, don’t take it personal. They are adjusting to so many new things — and some new things, like lack of sleep — are extremely difficult to endure. Just focus on being a blessing to them and let them recuperate!

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