Vapor Rub Hacks Moms Need to Know!

Have I told you how much I’m enjoying Maty’s Healthy products? I’m thrilled they’re sponsoring this post so I can chat with you about creative and awesome vapor rub hacks that moms need to know! Life gets so much easier when you’re “in the know”!

vapor rub hacks moms need to know

You’ve probably used vapor rub for congestion loads of times. Maybe you went a little further and rubbed it on your child’s feet — or even yours! you found out that vapor rub left your feet silky soft and even got rid of your cough. Two wins in one! But vapor rub has even MORE uses that every mom should know!

vapor rub hacks moms need to know

In case you missed my last chat about Maty’s Healthy products, I want you to know there is a natural, safe, mom-created vapor rub available for your family. You’ll love reading about the story behind these products. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait..:)

It’s heart-warming, isn’t it? Now that you see the heart behind these amazing products, let’s tell you some creative and new-to-you ways to use this amazing vapor rub!

vapor rub hacks moms need to know

Vapor Rub Hacks Moms Need to Know

Soothe away the muscle aches!  Apply vapor rub and rub into sore muscles to relieve aches and pains. What mom or kids doesn’t love a great massage?

Find relief from headaches.  Massage some vapor rub across your forehead and temples to help relieve headaches. Suffering form migraines? I chat about migraine helps I learned for a neurologist here.

vapor rub hacks moms need to know

Help relieve ear pain. Ear pain is so common in children! I have spent an entire day or two holding my children when they were suffering. I wish I had this vapor rub a long time ago! To help relieve the pain,  apply a small amount of vapor rub to a cotton ball and place right inside your ear for pain relief.

Soothe itchy skin.  Apply to itchy areas of skin to reduce inflammation and help soothe the itch!

Fight cold sores. My husband gets these very often! As soon as you feel one coming on, apply a small amount of Maty’s vapor rub onto the area several times per day.

Show splinters the way out! Want to help splinters find their way out of your child’s hand faster? Place some vapor rub on the area several times per day.

Offer a faster recovery to bruises. Add a a few dashes of salt into your vapor rub and and apply it on top of the recently bruised area.  It encourages a faster breakdown of the blood which helps to get rid of the black and blue faster.

Get pretty nails! What mom doesn’t want pretty nails? Keep your nails healthy and fungus free by rubbing them down with vapor rub twice a day. Your morning and evening “get ready” routine is the perfect time to give your nails this healthy advantage!

Keep the mosquitoes away! I’m always nervous about my kids getting eat up with mosquitoes. Rubbing on a small amount of Maty’s vapor rub in exposed areas keeps your munchkin covered. Remember, the vapor rub is only for kids ages 2 and older!

What ways do you use vapor rub? Share your ideas with us in our All For Mommies group on Facebook!

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