Want Happy Kids? Do These 10 Things Everyday

Happy kids.

To some people those two words seem unbelievable. (And some people believe happy moms are unbelievable too.)

But to this mom, they’re something I cherish.

Believe in.

Pray for.

Live for.

Unlike the cartoon movies and fairy tales, happy kids are not dropped from the sky by flying storks.

Happy kids aren’t bought with six figures a month paychecks.

Happy kids are the result of loving, intentional parents that seek to give their kids the best childhood and future they can possibly have.

That comes from a God-like love that’s tucked away in the hearts of Christian parents.

How Can We Raise Happy Kids?

When I became I mom, I finally was given a teeny, tiny, speck-of-a-speck peek at what the love of the Heavenly Father looks like for his child.

Our creator, Jesus Christ, is not like those religious statues you see in large cathedrals.

In fact, He’s quite the opposite.

a mom hugging her happy kids

He’s the God who loves…

He’s the God who feels…

He’s the God who listens…

He’s the God who comforts…

He’s the God who guides…

And that’s the model He leaves me to raise happy kids.

Now, let’s dissect that model a bit and make it practical to parents living in this extremely busy generation.

Let’s find out how we can truly raise happy, content and well-rounded kids.

Because we want the absolute best for our kids. <3

a mom raising happy kids

10 Things to Do Everyday to Create Happy Kids

Raising Happy Kids Tip#1: Make eye contact.

It’s a simple parenting trick, but it makes a ginormous difference in your day to day conversations with your kids.

Squatting down or sitting in a chair whenever you engage in conversation is a simple way to make this happen

Not every conversation can be eye-to-eye, but the most important ones can!

Raising Happy Kids Tip#2: Win your child’s heart.

Every. Single. Day.

Honesty disclosure: I don’t always feel like winning my child’s heart, but I know it’s one of the best parenting tips ever in raising happy kids.

Find little ways to connect with your child by doing or talking about what she loves.

My oldest son loves sports, so I have to try to remember when football season is and which teams are pro and which are college..ha!

My oldest daughter loves music and friends.

We chat about her friends and I make a point to compliment her on her piano playing.

My next teen loves baking.

We can totally connect over anything chocolate.

My youngest son?

He likes to talk to me about Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and super heroes.

You now the deep, provoking things in life..;0)\

Raising Happy Kids Tip#3: Set boundaries.

Kids like the security of knowing exactly what the boundaries are in their family.

This way they don’t have to worry if their decisions will upset you or your spouse. (Boundaries are so important that I even have a marriage boundaries article too you can read!)

You can set boundaries for bedtime, emails, texts, screen-time etc., but make sure they’re reasonable for your child’s age.

If not, bitterness could brew instead of happiness!

Raising Happy Kids Tip#4: Listen.

Incredibly simple, right?

But we are probably the busiest generation of parents that has ever existed.

One skill that we’re rapidly losing is the simple skill of listening.

Truly listening.

Not looking at our phone…

Not checking email…

Not thinking about our next task…

Just quietly, completely and thoughtfully listening to your child’s re-telling of a funny event that happened.

Sitting pensively as your child tells you what she’s studying in school…no matter how boring you think the study of an earthworm’s skin is.

Guilty. right here…ha!

It’s a daily, free gift you can give your child that help add a dash of happiness to your kids’ childhood.

And, it paves the way for deeper communication during the teen years!

Raising Happy Kids Tip#5: Teach them truth.

Taking time, every single day, and sharing with them exactly what God’s word teaches is simply powerful in creating happy kids.

Think about it.

The Bible tells them there’s a God who listens.

The Bible tells them there’s hope in a life after death.

The Bible compares the love of God as the love of a Father bestowed upon his child.

The Bible teaches people to be kind, to love their neighbor and to overcome evil with good.

A simple way to do this every single day is to have daily bible devotions.

Nothing fancy.

Just praying and reading the bible together as a family… at the same time…everyday.

Our family has “Bible time” at 7:30 PM.

Everyone knows where to be at 7:30.

And it’s a precious time to all come together and learn about our creator.

Raising Happy Kids Tip#6: Be honest.

If you want your kids to be truly happy, you can’t just teach them truth, you have to live truth.

As much as possible, we should strive to be completely honest with our kids.

Obviously, I don’t recommend explaining intimate relations between a man and woman to a three-year-old, but I do recommend trying to answer the tough questions as honestly as possible.

Even when your kids ask about your not-so-perfect past.

I would encourage you to avoid keeping secrets.

Don’t paint your past or present with an unrealistic and positive brush.

Just be real.

Kids find great happiness in knowing they have an honest parent who teaches them truth…even when the tuth isn’t easy to hear!

Raising Happy Kids Tip #7: Spoil them.

Sounds crazy, right?

Nah…I’ve written an entire article on spoiling your kids right here.

I wouldn’t “spoil them rotten,” but treat them?


Why should the grandparents get all the fun?

shopping with kids

My kids actually call me “mee-maw” (Southern name for Grandma) when they’re in the mood for some spoiling..;0)

And I love it.

Obviously, it can get out of hand though…ha!

But, surprising them with ice cream, taking them to grab a new toy when it’s not their birthday or Christmas, letting them stay up late one night or even letting them have two cookies out of the cookie jar instead of just one is rarely a bad parenting move.

Go ahead and spoil your child today!

It’s just another way to say, “I not only love you, I LIKE you!”

Raising Happy Kids Tip#8: Sacrifice for your kids.

Happy kids are kids who are provided for, loved, prayed for, and invested in.

They may never know that mom and dad gave up an aniversary trip so their daughter could get braces.

They may never know that their parents didn’t buy a new car so their kids could get a better education.

But you know what?

Those kids are enjoying blessings that come from a lifetime of parents sacrificing. And those blessings definitely add to an overall, happier childhood.

To read more about creating a happier childhood for toddlers, check out our Raising Happy Toddlers Ebook and Printable set here!

One more thing…

God sees your sacrifice.

And He will reward you in a precious, special way. <3

Raising Happy Kids Tip #9: Give one on one time.

I know this is a crazy-tough when you have three or more kids in the house.

It seems everyone needs your attention at the same time.

But try to squeeze in a few minutes with each child daily.

Maybe take a walk with one child, cook a meal with another one, watch a quick cartoon with another child…

Look for any opportunity to give each child your full attention on a daily basis.

By far the simplest way for me to do that is just including my kids in my daily activities.

Some of them help me fold the laundry, others help me cook the meals and another one will walk with me to get a coffee.

It’s completely cool that we have several, small coffee stands within walking distance for our house! You’re jealous, aren’t you? ;0)

You can also use this idea for spending one-on-one time with your kids on a weekly basis.

It’s simply genius.

Another mom shared it with me ten years ago!

Raising Happy Kids Tip #10: Do leisure activities together.

Happy kids live in a family where leisure is a daily habit.

Our family believes in hard work, dedication and we’re completely against being lazy. and foolish.


We also know that we’re humans and humans need to unwind.

Why not invite your child into your leisure activity?

Simple leisure activities could be taking a walk, watching a show, reading a book outloud, working on a puzzle, playing a quick card game, baking or even exercising (four of my kids like to do this with me!)

Leisure shouldn’t be largely time consuming, but just enough to relax together as a family.

Raising happy kids is no easy task

But it is truly rewarding.

It creates a close-knit relationship that can last a lifetime.

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Let’s raise happy kids together!

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See you there!

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