Seven Simple Ways to Make Mornings Happier for Kids

Think mornings have to be terrible for kids?

Try these seven simple ways to make mornings happier for kids and see if the morning atmosphere of your home doesn’t change — for the better!

happier mornings for kids

Just like grown-ups, there are two very different types of kids.

Some pop out of bed in the morning with a cheery attitude, ready to face the day.

Those “morning people” seem to move effortlessly from sleep to being fully awake.

Others hear wake up calls as signals to dig deeper beneath the covers.

They are grumpy, slow and would give you all their toys for 5 more minutes in bed.

Just five more minutes, mom!

Whether your child is a ray of sunshine or an angry bear, here are 7 easy things you can do every morning to make them happy.

Seven Simple Ways to Make Mornings Happier for Kids

Make mornings gentler.

Each morning it will be you who controls the weather inside your home.

Make it a sunny day by trying different ways of waking them that isn’t a shock to their system.

You could kiss them awake and whisper, “good morning.”

You could learn a “good morning” song and sing it every day. (Just make sure it’s not an annoying one — ha!)

Whatever you choose it will definitely be better than yelling, “Get out of bed or you’ll be late!”

Allow for transition time.

Kids need a little quiet time to move from sleep to morning activities.

Do you need coffee every morning before you begin “adulting?”

Kids are no different – minus the coffee.

If you have to get them up a couple minutes earlier so they have that time to get their eyes open, it’s worth it.

Just be sure to get them in bed a few minutes earlier as well.

how to make mornings happier for kids

Create a secret handshake.

A special way of shaking hands is a tradition that could live on for years.

Whether you do it first thing in the morning, or as you’re walking out the door, your kids will love it.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, although that would be awesome!

It could be as simple as squeezing their hand 3 times to secretly say, “I love you.”

The important thing is that it will be something memorable between the two of you.

Make up a morning cheer.

Like a secret handshake, this will be a super unique way to send kiddos out the door on a positive note.

I loved our morning cheers at camp!

I remember one that went like this: “Good morning, good morning it’s time to rise and shine — from cabin nine!”

Yeah, it’s cheesy.

But the cheesier it is the more giggles it brings!

Want a cheesy family cheer?

Everyone in the family can pile put their hands in one big huddle in.

You yell, “Who’s happier than us?”

They yell back, “Nobody!”

Then you all yell, “Gooooooo Smiths!”

How can you be grumpy with that kind of send off?

Leave fun messages.

Leave messages in places they don’t expect.

If your kids can’t read, draw pictures.

You could write something on the bathroom mirror soap make a big, funny drawing on the sidewalk in chalk.

Write a message with blueberries on their pancakes.

Write a message on a disposable juice cup or box!

There are so many ways to let your kids know they’re adored!

And those small gestures of affection will make your child’s morning happier!

Countdown to the weekend.

Create a weekly countdown to something fun your kids will be doing on the weekend – no matter how big or small.

You can use a chart with stickers, or a bowl filled with cotton balls they can remove each day.

There are plenty of creative ways to countdown to the weekend.

On dreary mornings when kids are feeling a little less than bubbly, it will remind them of the fun to come.

Be funny.

No matter what else is happening, humor from Mom or Dad really lightens the mood of of a not-so-wonderful morning.

Kids won’t get dressed?

Make them laugh by telling them you’re going to take them to school in your pajamas and wave to all their friends.

Are they moving too slow?

Pretend you can only move and talk in slow motion.

Talk in a silly foreign accent until they get out of bed.

Tell them you refuse to smile until they do!

Anything funny or silly goes!

Need some silly mom ideas?

Here’s a whole list of silly mom ideas!

Plan a yummy breakfast.

Do your kids love muffins?

Tell them the night before they’ll be greeted with peanut butter muffins in the morning.

Cookies your kid’s thing?

How about some healthy breakfast cookies?

Give them something to look forward to!

Need some more crazy-yummy but EASY breakfast ideas?

These make ahead, freezer breakfast recipes are homemade, heat n eat options!

Make up to three months worth of breakfast in advance!

No more complaining about cereal or having kids who are hungry BEFORE lunch because they only nibbled at breakfast!

You’ll love these ideas — pinky promise!

Start the day with hugs.

Kids need 17 hugs per day!

That’s based on happy mom and happy kid research — wink, wink! Get in a BIG does of those hugs in the morning!

When your kids are greeted with affection first thing in the morning and recieve it before they close their eyes at night — their love tanks get full!

And showing love and affection always gives everyone a better start to their day!

Remember, no matter how you choose to brighten your child’s morning, what they love more than anything is your time and attention.

That’s what will follow them not only throughout their day but also throughout their lives.

What about you?

What do you do to make your kids happy every morning?

Chat with me about it in our All things Mommies group!

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