Why DIY When You Have Matys

Tumeric and honey for a cold. Honey and lemon for a sore throat. Essential oils for thisEssential oils for that.

Sometimes learning how to DIY for cough, colds and other yucky ailments can be quite confusing and complicated. Thanks to Maty’s Healthy Products for sponsoring this post so moms can learn about these natural, kid-friendly products! Enter Maty’s Healthy Products. When these natural, mom-inspired products came into my life I began to ask myself, “Why DIY when you have Maty’s?” And I bet you’ll be asking yourself that same question in the very near future!

why DIY when you have Maty's

Don’t you love using products that are made with TLC? Maty’s story gripped my heart when I read about the long journey the founder had in discovering natural helps for her daughter who had serious heart defects. The discoveries she made in the health industry created a passion in her to help other families. And help she did!

why diy when you have matey's health products

Every time I rub Maty’s vapor on my child’s chest or feet, I don’t have to worry about some unknown ingredients seeping into my child’s skin. Instead, I know the vapor rub I’m using (plus all the other amazing products) comes straight from the research of a mom who wanted natural and safe helps for her daughter. I want that peace of mind too. And now I can have it — without adding more DIY projects to my busy mom life!

why diy when you have matys

Our family rarely visits the family doctor (though I love my family doctor to pieces). We would rather try to take care of our sniffles, aches and fevers on our own when possible. Maty’s helps us do this without taking days to research what home remedies are actually effective. Maty’s also saves us from extra trips to the store to grab more ingredients to make a natural cough syrup or chest rub.

During my busy mom life it’s nice to know there’s something I don’t have to DIY.  I DIY quite a bit — mainly in the kitchen and then with my family’s health. But I honestly love to find a products that saves me time so I can just relax with my family and savor more minutes in my motherhood journey. For instance, my six-year-old son is begging me to play a game of UNO this minute. If there are no DIY projects needing to be done, I have more time to play UNO! :) Thank you Maty’s for giving me some extra time with my kids!

why diy when you have matys

And stress? It’s not even a teeny bit stressful for me to open my medicine cabinet and pull out my favorite vapor rub of all time. And just about any mom knows an awesome vapor rub can be used for so many ailments!  And mom friend, if you don’t have a tub of Maty’s vapor rub in your cabinet, you are missing out on the number one natural vapor rub in the USA! This gives me hope! More and more moms are reaching for the natural choices for their kids — including me!

Here are some need-to-know facts about Maty’s vapor rub:

Drug & Petroleum Free

Congestion Relief

Helps Open Air Passages Boosts Immune Function


So what in the world is this amazing vapor rub made from? So glad you asked!

It’s made from the following ingredients:

why DIY when you have Matys


Did you see my favorite ingredient in that list? Mmm-hmm — coconut oil. I love that stuff and it has worked wonders for me! Adding coconut oil to my daily beauty and health routines has slowed down hair breakage, given me a healthier shine to my face and has made my hand eczema a thing of the past. Oooh! And did you see the peppermint oil? I love that essential oil too! Smells ahh-mazing!

And guess what? Maty’s is giving away some pretty exciting healing kits! You can enter here to snag one of the kits below! Make sure you also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest ,Instagram and Twitter so you can keep up with all their latest news! why diy when you have matys


So tell me moms, will snagging some Maty’s vapor rub cream save you some DIY time? Let’s chat about it on Facebook! See you there!



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