10 Free Baby Shower Gifts Every Mom Wants

Budgets get tight. Schedules get busy. But neither one of those are excuses for not attending and snagging some super awesome baby shower gifts — especially when they’re free!

free baby shower gifts every mom wants

I still giggle when I remember a friend was throwing me a baby shower for my second child. I’ll repeat that — my second child. This wasn’t baby number five, six or twelve– it was baby number two. Not to mention I was expecting a little girl and my first baby was a boy. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a baby shower would be a huge help and blessing for my future as a mom of two kids!

But someone grumbled about spending money on baby #2. Someone complained that it wasn’t necessary to spend money on someone’s second baby.

My sweet and thoughtful friend replied, “You can grab a bottle of baby shampoo for $1 at the store right down the road!”

I wish I had been there to see the other woman’s face!

Seriously — it’s super sad to see people willing to hand over $7 for a fast food combo meal and not willing to spend $5-10 on the celebration of a new, preious life — even if it is baby number five or six!

Anyway, if your budget is super tight, I want you to know there are some really awesome, thoughtful gifts out there that are free. For a few of these you have to pay shipping, but the item itself is free — and those items are pretty snazzy.

So here’s your budget-friendly list that will give the mom-to-be in your life some extra smiles on her mommy journey!

free baby shower gifts every mom wants

10 Free Baby Shower Gifts Every Mom Wants

  • Free Meal Coupons. Make a coupon book for the new mom in your life that guarantees her three fun meals of her choosing. Give her a menu to pick from — drinks, main courses, sides and desserts. After the birth of her baby, call or text her to see which date works best for those three meals. Tell her not to be shy to use them!
  • Free baby-sitting services. Every new mommy needs extra rest. It’s much easier for her to get that rest if there’s an extra set of hands to watch the new baby or other children. It’s a much welcomed help if you’re someone she trusts.
  • Free baby sling. These are crazy adorable and there are tons of styles to choose from! New moms love keeping their babies close. Baby slings make grocery shopping and household tasks easier. Snag a baby sling today and only pay shipping. Use code ENBABY at checkout to get the product 100% off the retail price. You’re welcome!
  • Free washable nursing pads. Any frugal breast-feeding mom knows that reusable breast-feeding pads save a lot of money! Simply toss them into the washing machine between nursing for clean, fresh and dry pads. So many styles to choose from — from plain white to leopard print! Only pay shipping on these baby shower gifts too!And guess what? You get to choose 10 pairs — for FREE! Remember to use code ENBABY at checkout.
  • Free carseat canopy. This is probably my fave baby shower gift. You would have see these in person to see how adorable they are. They look like you snagged them at a high-end boutique shop! These carseat covers come with large buttons that cover velcro straps that help secure the covers to the baby carrier. There are styles for every mom. I’m sure you’ll find one for the special mom-to-be! Be sure to use code ENBABY at checkout to receive 100% off the retail price and only pay shipping.
  • Free baby coupons. Create a coupon book for the mom to be. Call any and every baby company to have awesome, hugely discounted coupons sent to your door. You can also find printable coupons at Unilever right here. Just click and print!

    Is the mom-to-be a fan of Pampers? You can
    grab discounts and coupons for her here!

    You can also grab lots of free goodies from Enfamil right here.

    And, you can snag additional coupons from Coupons.com. Don’t you love living in the digital age? No more buying newspapers! :)

  • Free nursing pillow. Whoa. This is a game-changer gift right here for a breast-feeding mom! No more sore backs from leaning over and latching on is much easier for baby when the nursing pillow helps the baby stay propped up. Is the mom-to-be not choosing to breast-feed? Nusing pillows are still super awesome to have around. They keep the baby happy and propped up before she develops the muscles to sit up on her own. I only started using breast-feeding pillows with my fourth child. I wish I had known with my first three how helpful these were! Just like the other awesome baby shower gifts, there are so many styles and patterns to choose from. Only pay shipping when you use code ENBABY at checkout.
  • Homemade gifts. Can you crochet, knit or cross-stitch? Grab your needles and create some adorable booties, blankets or throws. New moms love having a few handmade items to add a touch of sentimentality to their baby’s nursery! You can find lots of patterns online for almost anything under the sun — even homemade stuffed animals! I treasured the homemade blankets I received at baby showers.
  • Free nursing covers. I’m definitely a pro-breastfeeding mom! But, I also like stay covered — and so does the majority of my breast-feeding mom friends. I absolutely adore these covers that are super-cute and keep a mom and baby covered and comfy. Before these cute covers came out I would drape blankets across me and my breastfeeding munchkin — not the easiest solution! Super glad breastfeeding moms have this option now! Just use the code ENBABY at checkout and choose your fave style. You need to cover the cost of shipping.
  • Free baby leggings. These are crazy adorable! I love that my little girls can wear super cute dresses and still keep their chubby legs warm with these super-cute leggings! You can pick FIVE free pairs for your preggo friend and only pay shipping when you use the code ENBABY. Fun gifts any mom would love! These are great for boys and girls!

Make the new mom and your budget super-happy with these free baby shower gifts. Which ones will you snag?

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