About Us

Hi! I’m Alison and my husband’s name is Adam. Adam and I met our senior year of high school and become high school sweethearts fast. :) When we graduated high school, we were already engaged and Adam set off for Marine Corps Boot Camp.

We married young (as soon as Adam finished his active duty training!) and were blessed to become parents after only 13 months of marriage.

We loved being parents so much that we hoped and pray God would give us more kids, and He did!

In 2008, we moved our family of six to Cambodia, SE Asia and spent the next 12 years living there and helping in different ministries. We also started a church in a small city and truly loved the people there. We were blessed to add two more children to our family of six while we were overseas. We LOVE being a family of 8!

Our youngest two kids were born in Thailand (that was quite the experience…ha!).

During our 12 years of living and traveling around the world, we were able to experience and observe many different cultures.

Our kids truly enjoyed an international, adventurous childhood!

We’ve now returned to America and hope to continue doing ministry work here in our homeland.

While living in Cambodia, I started writing for parenting websites. After becoming a staff writer for websites, I decided to start my own writing corner. I chose the name Pint-sized Treasures in 2012 for this blog because I was passionate (and still am!) about the belief that children are truly treasures and not burdens.

This blog grew and became an exciting business! Through this business, I’ve been able to connect with other moms, entrepreneurs, and pray for families all over the globe.

My kids and husband totally support this business adventure and they’ve gotten involved with the photography, tech side of things, and even coming up with recipe ideas. A few of our kids have decided to try their skills at becoming entrepreneurs as well! I’m so excited to see where their adventures take them! <3

Our house is crazy-busy, full of laughter, and a little piece of heaven. We have lively dinner conversations and someone always has a creative project going on (one of my teenagers is painting a mural for vacation Bible school as I write this!).

We thank God for giving us an incredible family.

Our kids are besties.

My husband and I are besties.

And we all have each other’s back.

Our greatest treasures on this earth our found within the walls of our home.

We’ve enjoyed the different seasons of parenting and hope to encourage other families to enjoy every season as well!

Follow along as we share parenting tips, incredible recipes, cleaning hacks, and even homeschool tips to help make raising your family a better and happier adventure!

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Want to Contact Me?

All business inquiries (Yes, we work with brands!) can be sent to alison.pintsizedtreasures@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!