About Me

Hi! I’m Alison and absolutely love sharing my parenting tips and recipes with the world.

Since I became a mom (Over 21 years ago!), I’ve focused on serving my family heart-warming, comforting meals straight from my kitchen. Then, I started sharing my recipes with friends, family, neighbors, and church family. It soon became a crowded kitchen as my kids all joined me in creating new desserts, easy meals, and homemade biscuits.


Why Do I Love to Cook?

It all started with my Grandma. She would serve a Southern, Sunday meal almost every week. She’d make Southern macaroni pie, Southern creamed corn, cornbread, Southern green beans, and of course, salmon patties (with gravy!)

My grandmother was the one who showed me the most affection and kindness when I was a child. Today, I honor her with sharing her recipes with family, friends, and Southern foodies across the globe!

My pastor’s wife was also a huge inspiration to me. Through her life, she taught me that sending someone a homemade meal in their time of need was one of the most beautiful gifts you could give someone. I try to remember the difference she made to so many by sending “surprise” meals to anyone who was stressed, under the weather, or going through a difficult time. It’s made my journey of cooking become more people-focused. And I hope that you can find a little bit of encouragement through each recipe you try on this website. It’s my little gift to you and your family!

Why Do I Love Parenting?

I had a traumatic childhood, but knew I wanted my kids to grow up in a home where they were loved, protected, and cherished. My kids have brought me so much sunshine and I had no idea that being a mom would be such an incredible, precious journey.

Where Does My Cooking Experience and Parenting Skills Come From?

I studied elementary education in college, while being a K4 teacher. I also got my experience helping toddlers by serving as a K2 teacher at a private school. I loved those toddlers and today they’re grown up, married, and have families of their own!

My husband and I starting working with kids immediately in our church. We were the directors of children’s church for six years.

In 2002, I became a mom to the most beautiful baby boy. Then, five more kids came along and I’ve been dedicating my time, prayers, and efforts to raising the most incredible people.

In 2012 I began writing for family and parenting websites such as The Baby Corner, The Dollar Stretcher, Kids Activities Blog, Club31Women, the Better Mom, Thriving Family, and the Frugal Mom.

My cooking experience comes from years of asking my Papa Claude and Grandma Terri how to make biscuits, macaroni and cheese, and every other southern food I loved. My Papa even taught me how to make my very first Boston Cream Pie. Papa Claude was a military chef as well as a cook for Southern restaurants. He LOVED showing me how to cook, and taught me easy cooking hacks to save time in the kitchen.

In 2012, my husband, kids, and I moved to Southeast Asia to do mission work. During the 12 years we lived overseas, I had to quickly adapt to the culture and broaden my cooking skills. Everything had to be made from scratch.

Plus, I could save money if I cooked Asian food. I learned that soy sauce, fresh garlic, oyster sauce, and chicken bouillon was my go-to for most cuisines.

What Are My Most Important Parenting Tips?

It’s so hard to just choose a few of the very best parenting tips, but I would say that winning your child’s heart, establishing nap time for toddlers, and focusing on creating a happy home are some of the most important keys to raising incredible kids.

What Are My Favorite Recipes?

Salmon patties are near and dear to my heart because of my grandmother.

Snowball cookies are a favorite because my husband raves about them.

Crab rangoon egg rolls are a favorite of mine because I always feel like I’m at a fancy restaurant when I eat them. ;0)

Is Your Family Involved With Your Parenting and Food Blog?

My kids and husband totally support this business adventure and they’ve gotten involved with the photography, tech, and content creation. A few of our kids have decided to try their skills at becoming entrepreneurs as well! I’m so excited to see where their adventures take them! <3

Our house is crazy-busy, full of laughter, and a little piece of heaven. We have lively dinner conversations and someone always has a creative project going on (one of my teenagers is painting a mural for vacation Bible school as I write this!).

We thank God for giving us an incredible family.

Our kids are besties.

My husband and I are besties.

And we all have each other’s back.

Our greatest treasures on this earth our found within the walls of our home.

We’ve enjoyed the different seasons of parenting and hope to encourage other families to enjoy every season as well!

Follow along as we share parenting tips, incredible recipes, cleaning hacks, and even homeschool tips to help make raising your family a better and happier adventure!

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Want to Contact Me?

All business inquiries (Yes, we work with brands!) can be sent to alison.pintsizedtreasures@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!