Baby Shower Gift Guide for the Expecting Mom AND Dad!

Got a close friend that is expecting a baby any day and you want to give them the absolutely, most perfect gift ever? Stumped for ideas? Here’s some gifts that are bound to be a hit with your friend or relative—and even her hubby! Don’t forget about the soon-to-be dads! They need to feel loved and appreciated just as much.


Expectant mothers are consumed with ideas about the new bundle’s nursery, layette, gear and every other object under the sun that relates to her little one. Many times her own needs and desires get pushed to the back of her heart and mind. Why not focus on a gift just for her? The baby will get plenty of welcome gifts from the endless baby showers in the near future. Here are some gift ideas the mom-to-be is sure to love!

    Baby Shower Gift Guide

  • Spa gifts. Mommies-in-waiting are dealing with constant physical challenges and changes in their body. Why not make it easier with some relaxing spa gifts? Treat her to a basket of aromatherapy gifts that aid in relaxation. Foot sprays to rejuvenate her aching feet are also a thoughtful gift to add to the spa basket. Choose spa related goodies in mild scents, as pregnant women are highly sensitive to strong smells.
  • New PJ’s. For the first few days after delivery, new moms typically recuperate in their pajamas. Why not get her some new sleepwear to enjoy during the recovery process. Every time she wears them she’ll think of you!
  • Slippers. Carrying an over-sized bump around can make a pregnant mom’s feet ache and tire quickly. Numerous mommies in waiting also experience swelling in their feet and legs during the nine months prior to delivery. After delivery she will have to deal with the cold, hard floors at the hospital. Scope out some comfy and attractive slippers that your friend or relative will enjoy during pregnancy and beyond.
  • Restaurant gift cards. Fatigue is a well-known side effect of pregnancy. Why not offer a helping hand on those more exhausting evenings and get her a gift card to her favorite dinner spot? Her husband will thank you as well. No left-overs or sandwiches tonight!

Don’t forget that father-to-be. He is experiencing many changes in his life and would appreciate a token of your affection as well! Consider these gift-giving options:

  • Food gift baskets. Men always are in the mood for food! Pick out some of the dad-to-be’s favorite snacks and sweets and wrap them in a cute basket from your favorite craft supply store. Or keep things simple and easy and check out the many gift basket websites for a pre-made basket made especially for men.
  • Digital gifts. During the last month of pregnancy dads-to-be need to be reachable at all times. If he doesn’t have smartphone already, do him a favor and get him one. He will also be able to share new pics of his new, wrinkled bambino!
  • Restaurant gift cards. After a baby is born, there are so many adjustments to make. Help out the family that is expecting a little one and hand them some restaurant gift cards. You may want to encourage the dad-to-be to hold onto these for after the baby’s birth. This way, both mom and dad can relax knowing that there will be a yummy, hot meal that day—free of charge!
  • Favorite DVDs or books. Many dads today take paternity leave. All those days at home can get a little mundane. Surprise the father-to-be with some of all-time favorite movies or books. The time spent at home will be more entertaining and fun.

Parents-to-be need to be reminded that they are loved and appreciated as much as the upcoming addition to the family. Show them you still care with a gift that is especially for them!

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