Super Cool Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Birthday parties are super fun, don’t you think? If you’ve got a little boy who’s birthday is coming up these party ideas will make your son’s special day a TOTAL blast!

birthday party themes for boys

If you’re area of the world is warming up, these are the “bestest” and “funnest” ideas for warm and gorgeous weather — at least that’s what my boys think! Taking a party outside really opens up so many opportunities for fun. Need some ideas to make your son’s birthday party memorable? Try these!

boy birthday parties

Super Cool Birthday Party Themes for Boys!

  • Fiesta Party Mmmm…did anyone say tacos? Kids love tacos, burritos and chips and dip! Use these fun favorites as your menu plan, then create the perfect party environment in your own back yard. Use mismatched table linens and dishes to fit the theme. Think bursts of bright colors! Serve fried ice cream for dessert with this simple recipe. Add a pinata to the festivities for extra fun and flair. Pinatas can be purchased or made at home with extra love from you! Check out this website for ideas on making a homemade pinata.
  • A Sprinkler party! Once the weather heats up, kids are naturally attracted to pools and sprinklers. Take advantage of this attraction and have a party with lots of water fun! Pull out the character themed sprinklers, the garden sprinklers —-anything that shoots out water! Ask all guests to bring water guns to add to the water fun. Use blue and green streamers outside to create an aquatic atmosphere. Don’t forget the traditional water balloon fights! End the water party with fun foods, cake and a bag of goodies to take home. Here is a list of additional items to suggest the guests bring:
    • sunscreen
    • bug spray
    • towels
    • an extra change of clothes
  • A Space-themed Party! When the guests arrive at this out-of-the-world party, dress each person up as an astronaut.

    Here are the supplies needed:

    one pair of disposable overalls per guest in the smallest size available
    duct tape
    named tags
    colored electrical tape

    Cut arms and legs to fit child. Roll up any extra material and duct tape in place. Use the duct tape to make a belt around the waist. Add shoulder stripes with the colored electrical tape and attach name tags to suits. For extra fun, paint two-liter coke bottles and duct tape to outfits for a jet pack! Need ideas for your space-themed party decor? Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling or string outside in your yard. Cover the serving tables with black tablecloths sprinkled with silver star confetti. Want to add a fun space game? Paint a bunch or rocks silver, hide them in your yard and have all the astronauts go on a moon rock hunt. Whoever collects the most moon rocks, wins! For prizes, divvy out rock candy, space-themed pencils erasers, different colored balls for planets and small American flags. Now your party is officially the funnest spring party for boys EVER!

  • Baseball themed party. It’s a classic sport that never grows old. This party theme will have many options due to all sports themed decor for boys available. Choose plates, tablecloths and other decor that reflect baseball’s heritage. Go with the ball park theme and serve hotdogs, soda and chips. Ask each guest to bring a glove and you provide the baseballs and bats for batting practice and a real game of baseball. Play the fun and beloved song of “Take me out to the Ball Game,” as guests arrive. Send home goody bags full of Cracker Jacks ( or make your own cracker jack popcorn), baseball cards, chewing gum and small baseballs.

Enjoy your son’s birthday party and let us know which theme you picked!

Have you thrown an amazing party themes for your boys?Share them with us on social media!

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