Heart Craft: Easy Glitter Heart Bunting

This Bunting is Bursting with Hearts!

Looking for an easy craft to try with your kids?

This easy glitter heart bunting is a perfect choice!

heart bunting craft for kids

Glitter buntings are something your kids can make and use to decorate!

Plus, these heart buntings are perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthday parties and more!

Little hands will love helping to put these simple buntings together!

Easy glitter heart bunting

Kids can help punch out the hearts.

String the hearts.

And even hang the hearts!

heart bunting

This hands-on craft provides plenty of opportunities for your child to sharpen their fine motor skills and creativity.

Let’s start crafting!

easy heart bunting

Easy Glitter Heart Bunting

Materials Needed:

  • 12 in. x 12 in. sheets of glitter paper
  • heart punch (I used a 3 inch punch.)
  • twine
  • double side-de tape
  • scissors
heart bunting craft for kids


1. Punch out paper hearts from the glitter paper.

The kids will have a blast with this step!

pucnhing out hearts for glitter heart bunting

​​2. The length you want your garland will determine the number of punches you need to make. We used 32 punches for our garland.

Tip: Cut each piece of glitter paper into fourths.

Then punch your hearts from each of the smaller pieces in order to get the maximum amount of punches from each page.

diy heart bunting

​3. Place your hearts out in sets of two.

diy heart bunting instructions

4. Now, prepare your twine by tying a loop on one end.

easy heart bunting

​5. Place a piece of double-sided tape onto the back of one of the hearts.

Come down a few inches from the loop and press the twine over the tape.

Add a few more pieces of the tape to the back of the heart.

Lay a second heart on top of the first and firmly press them together.

easy heart bunting tutorial craft

​6. Continue taping hearts to the twine, leaving a space between each set. ​

Once your garland has reached the desired length, tie a loop at the end and snip off the excess twine.

Heart Bunting is Ready to Hang

​Happy crafting!

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