Easy Peanut Butter Bird Treats

It’s time to feed the birds! These easy peanut butter bird treats are just the thing to get your kiddos excited about spring!

bird treats made with peanut  butter

In an attempt to get some blue jays and red birds to flutter by our windows, Riley and I made these adorable bird treats. They’re super simple to make and they look great hanging from the trees.

Adding colorful bits of yarn really adds a pop of color to these simple treats!

I know I could just go buy some treats, but it’s much more fun to make our own — plus I bet the birds are much happier with homemade treats, don’t you think?

Plus, you can use these cute bird treats as a fun teaching opportunity — I love those!

Most likely your kids will love that fact that they have something in common with birds — they both like peanut btter! You can make peanut butter treats for the birds and then whip up a batch of peant butter cookies. Just have a peanut butter kind of day!

Oh, and if you LOVE to learn by watching videos, check out the video for these easy bird treats below!

Ready for some peanut butter fun and bird-watching? Let’s make some bird treats!

treats for birds



  • day old bread
  • heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Peanut butter (I’ve heard you can also use shortening)
  • Birdseed
  • Yarn
  • Skewer (or a tapestry needle will work)


  1. Use your cookie cutter to make shapes from your bread.
  2. Thread your yarn through each heart with a skewer or tapestry needle.
  3. Spread each shape with peanut butter.
  4. Sprinkle birdseed all over the hearts.
  5. Hang them for the birds!

Sit back and and start bird-watching!

Discussing the different species that come for a taste is fun and can lead to some great learning activities – colors, graphing, and counting are just a few.

Have you made bird treats with your kids? What’s your favorite recipe? Share it with us on Facebook!

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20 thoughts on “Easy Peanut Butter Bird Treats”

  1. Ah, so Sweet! Your heart shaped bird treats are so Cute. I pinned this project to make it later with my girls. Thanks for sharing. Have fun watching all of the birds enjoy their new treats. ;o)

  2. What a fun idea! I’ve noticed lots of birds in our yard lately. This would be fun!
    Can I ask what software you use to title your photos? Love it!
    I’m visiting you today from Hepworth’s. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Tile Photo Coasters ~ Gift Idea

  3. How fun! My girls would love making these; I’ll have to add it to our summer project list.
    New follower. :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. My 3 yr old would love this!! We recently got a bird feeder and he is so proud of “his” birds :) This would be something fun to make for “his” birds!

  5. domestic bliss squared

    What a clever idea! I’m pinning this and I know two four year old girls who will love this craft!

  6. Great idea! My little boy would love this. So would the birds nesting in our tree! Thank you for sharing! I’d love to have you visit me at Get Your Crap Together! We have a Pattern Party with free patterns from the 1st of the month to the 10th that I’d love for you to check out. See you soon!

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  10. Love this idea! My daughter has decided she would like to make them as gifts for people….just wondering how long you think they will keep??

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