Easy Peeps® Paint Chip Puzzles

Spring is in the air, so Peeps® are everywhere! Seriously! The popular, gooey marshmallow candies are flying off grocery store shelves and showing up in recipes and crafts all across the web. They are even the inspiration behind this fun puzzle activity for kids.

Peeps Paint chip Puzzles

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It’s an activity that is as educational as it is cute! With just a few simple supplies, you can make Peeps® Paint Chip Puzzles that your kids will want to play with again and again.

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Older children will enjoy making these Peeps inspired puzzles for themselves. For younger children, putting the pieces together of these Peeps® puzzles is perfect practice for fine motor skills and color recognition.

Diy Paint Chips puzzles

Ready to make some? Grab a few colorful paint chips and let’s begin!

Peeps® Paint Chip Puzzles

Materials needed:

Peeps® template (I used this one.)
paint chips
kraft pillow boxes (optional)

1. Gather your materials and print out the template linked above.
2. Cut out one of the bunny Peeps® from the template and use it to trace onto the back of a paint chip.
paint chip puzzle craft using Peeps
3. Cut around the traced line to make your colorful Peeps® cutout. Continue tracing and cutting until you have several paint chip cutouts.
4. There are a few different ways to make the separate puzzle pieces. The quickest option is to make straight, wavy, or zig zag cuts across your Peeps® cutouts to break them into pieces. For cutouts that look like traditional puzzle pieces, you can trace a few pieces from a jig saw puzzle and cut across the traced lines.
Peeps Paint chip craft
5. Let the kids put the pieces together to form colorful Peeps®. For more of a challenge, scramble pieces together from several Peeps® and let your child sort through them to form the completed bunny shapes.
6. When playtime is done, tuck the pieces inside a pillow box to preserve them for future fun!

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