At Home Parent/Child Date Night Ideas

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

These simple and sweet at home parent/child date night ideas are perfect to show each child they matter!

Why parent/child date night ideas? Because date nights with your kiddos are the perfect way to build strong parent/child relationships!

Date nights with your children are especially important during the hectic “Back to School” season. These are parent/child date night ideas that don’t even require you to leave the house. And what’s a date night without food? Add in a Tyson® product from Sam’s Club and you and your child can be Hunger Heroes together while enjoying quality time with each other. Why be a Hunger Hero? Because one in five kids in the U.S. doesn’t get enough to eat. That’s news enough for anyone to try to wear a super-hero cape!

Buy select Tyson® products at Sam’s Club from 7/26 to 9/26 and you’ll help feed a child in need. You can be a Hunger Hero by supporting Tyson’s mission to feed 1 million kids this year. That’s a win-win situation for everyone!

food ideas for parent/child date night

Tyson Foods and Sam’s Club are teaming up to fight hunger! The 4th annual Hunger Tyson Heroes Back to School program at Sam’s Club is underway. As you’re doing your Back to School shopping at Sam’s Club and loading up on tasty Tyson® products, you’re sure to see the signs promoting this charitable cause that highlights Child Hunger. Stock up on the convenient meal and snack options marked Hunger Heroes because for every bag/box sold Tyson Foods will donate a serving (4oz.) to a child in need. This year Tyson Foods is expanding their donation to 1 million meals!

Ready to plan that date night with your child and be a Hunger Hero all in one swoop? Of course you are! Moms and dads are the best at multitasking. Here are some great ideas that will make you a hero to your child and to the children benefiting from the Hunger Heroes program just by including a Tyson® product with date night!

At Home Parent/Child Date Night Ideas

Movie Night:
Watch your child’s favorite movie together. Add a unique twist to movie night with Tyson® popcorn chicken. Use pretend movie tickets and fun popcorn containers for a more authentic movie experience.

Super-hero Breakfast Date:
Before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, slow down to enjoy breakfast together. Jimmy Dean® mini pancake sandwiches and Jimmy Dean® stuffed hashbrowns are quick and easy to prepare and make a hearty, filling breakfast. And remember as you’re eating your yummy breakfast, that you’re helping another child eat a hearty, warm breakfast too! When you know that fact, you and your child can definitely wear your super-hero capes because you’ve helped a child in need!

breakfast date night idea

Cook Dinner Together:
Does your child love to cook? I bet they especially would enjoy an evening of cooking dinner with you! Tyson® chicken nuggets and Tyson® crispy strips are a delicious and easy to prepare option. Add a few healthy sides and dinner is done!

date night food for kids

Garden or Explore Nature:
Grab the garden tools or a bug box and magnifying glass and head outside! Whether your child is interested in flowers or bugs, getting out in nature is an excellent way to spend quality time with your child. After all of that time outside building an appetite, have a Tyson® product ready to prepare for a tasty snack!

date night fun for parents and kids

Share a Hobby:
Share your favorite hobby with your child and let them do the same in return. You’ll not only be spending time together, but you’ll also learn more about each other in the process. Don’t forget to chat about the hobbies that each kid in the Hunger campaign enjoy too. Just take turns guessing what those kids enjoy doing when they eat their meals sponsored by Tyson Foods and Sam’s Club.

Paint or Craft Together:
It doesn’t really matter what you make or what materials you use, just use this time to get creative and to enjoy each other’s company. Snacks are definitely required for this fun date idea!

Grab a blanket and snacks and head outside. Make sure to pick a clear night for optimal viewing. This date night is sure to be memorable when it involves staying up past bedtime. Who knows?! You might even see a shooting star!

date night ideas for parents and kids

Have a Classic Game Night:
In this age of electronics and ever-advancing technologies, I still prefer a classic board game over video and computer games. Pull out a few board games and let the fun commence.

Ride a Bike or Take a Walk:
It doesn’t get much simpler than this. This easy date idea will have you both giggling and chatting in no time — especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve ridden a bike. Be sure to don super-hero capes and chat about how great it feels to be a Hunger Hero! Yes, super-heroes do ride bikes! ;0)

Read a Book:
Have your own book fair where you enjoying reading several of your child’s favorite books together. Make it a carnival of books with book-themed activities and games. In keeping with the theme, top the time off with a few State Fair® corn dogs.

Do you have some good ideas for the next parent/child date night? It’s not what you choose to do together that’s important but it’s the quality time together to build and nourish the relationship with your child. Nights like these are the makings of memories!