How Moms Can Stay Merry After the Holidays

For months moms have anticipated the holiday season. We’ve planned, saved money and even tried new recipes. Now that the holidays are over, how can moms like us stay merry?

moms staying very after the holidays

The presents are eagerly and frantically unwrapped.

The guests have grabbed their goodies and gifts and are headed home.

The once beautiful turkey has been ravished and is only skin and bones.

The bouts of laughter and squeals have all become a silent night.

Now it’s time for moms to pick up the tiny pieces of left-over wrapping paper and sweep up crumbs from half-eaten cookies. It’s during those eerily quiet moments that we begin to realize the festivities that surround our favorite time of the year are finally over.

“It’s over,” you can almost hear a quiet whisper reminding you of this truth.

Over. Done. Finished.

All the anticipation prior months of strategizing and laboring has fizzled. Now all we have left are crumbs and wrapping paper. Or is that really all we have left?

help for moms after the holidays

While the parties, food, fun, laughs and fellowship have come to a close, there is still much good to focus on.

How Moms Can Stay Merry After The Holidays

Memories have been made as a result from our thoughtful and unselfish planning.

Relationships have deepened as people took time away from the rat race to enjoy each other’s company over a delectable meal made by a mother’s loving hands.

Children will have many days of fun ahead with the new trinkets that were purchased with each of their desires and personalities in mind.

A niece will remember that her aunt gave her the most snuggly, cuddly bear of all time that she grasps ever-so-tightly before she visits dreamland. So, in a way, the festivities of the season are not over.

Though no one yells, “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!” around your neck of the woods anymore, you can still stay merry in your heart!

Remember the smiles of happiness, the giggles of joy and the sounds of voices joining in one accord to sing of the birth of the Savior — and it all happened in your home!

Whether people remembered to thank you or not, their holiday memories will be centered around your gift of hospitality and love.

Stay merry throughout the coming days as you remember that the fruit of your labors has not vanished. No, dear mom, there’s still much to be merry about!

And in some ways, the differences you have made have only just begun.

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