How To Survive the Holidays While Pregnant

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season are only aggravated further by the extraordinarily large bump you’re sporting under your favorite seasonal sweater. How can a woman survive the holidays while pregnant?

how to survive the holidays while you're pregnant

Then there’s the oh-so-yummy temptation of holidays treats that are perfect for an ever-so-hungry pregnant women, right?

Undoubtedly, you’ve already been lectured by your doctor that your weight gain doesn’t need any encouragement. But you know Grandma Sue is going to bake her famous paradise pumpkin pie and serve it with a gigormous amount of homemade, light and fluffy whipped cream.

What’s a pregnant girl to do?

Not to mention that your ankles swell and you look like the marshmallow man after several hours of walking — but you can’t miss the absolute best gift deals for Christmas!

Don’t worry soon-to-be mom friend. Here are some great holiday survival tips just for you!

How to Survive the Holidays While Pregnant

  • Keep light, crunchy snacks in your purse. Between shopping trips, long waiting lines and tardy family members, meals during the holidays can run sparse. To curb nausea, keep snacks on hand to hold you over until dinner is served.
  • Go light on heavy foods. Holiday meals can be extremely tempting. Yummies that are laced with sugar, flour and loads of fat, eat sparingly. It’s the holidays, so don’t completely pass them up or you’ll feel jipped. Just nibble a little here and a little there. Load up on the veggie and fruit platters and opt to bring a healthy side dish for your holiday gathering.
  • Bring a shopping friend. If you absolutely have to battle the insane, covetous and sometimes violent shoppers during the holidays, take a friend. When you need to take a potty break or sit down to regain circulation in your legs, hand your list to your fave shopping buddy and let her do some of the shopping. Better yet, enjoy the serenity and comfort of your own home and finish your shopping with a few clicks here and a few clicks there.
  • holiday survival guide for pregnant women

  • Carry sparkling water. Carbonation aids in keeping the nausea bug away. No one wants to be feeling quesy during the holidays. Carbonation also creates a full feeling and can keep you from being tempted to go back for second, third and fourth helpings. Choose a favorite flavor to keep tickling your taste buds!
  • Change positions frequently. Whether you’re shopping, baking, visiting or decorating — keep moving. If you have been sitting down for an hour, switch to a standing position. If you’ve been walking the store’s crammed aisles for two hours, sit down and take a breather. Those must-have gifts will still be available for purchase in 30 minutes. Changing your position can aid blood circulation and prevent swelling.
  • Stay hydrated. No matter how busy you are, keep sipping liquids, especially water. Dehydration can happen fast and can lead to premature labor. If your mouth becomes dry, stop and make time for hydration. Keep your glasses filled with healthy, pregnancy friendly drinks all day long. Your baby will thank you later!
  • Sneak in naps. Your body is going through a vast number of changes. Give yourself a break and grab a wink or two. Re-energizing naps can help you make it through the holidays without feeling completely exhausted.

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday festivities! Enjoy the season and keep looking forward to the days ahead. Before you know it, your arms are going to be filled with the softest, sweetest bambino in the world!

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  1. Shannon @ GrowingSlower

    Navigating the holidays while pregnant can be tough! I remember two years ago when I was pregnant with BabyE. I was at the peak of morning sickness right at Christmas time. All the cooking smells were torture! Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link Up! I hope you’ll join us again tomorrow!

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