One Simple Hack To Clean Your Microwave

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Georgia Pacific. The opinions and text are all mine.*

What’s the most forgettable appliance in your house when it comes to cleaning? For my family, it’s definitely the microwave. But have no fear, this simple hack always comes to rescue us from any left-over food goo that’s splattered on the sides or top of the microwave.

easy natural way to clean microwave

Don’t you love homemade cleaning solutions? I fell in love with them when I started making my own laundry detergent. Something about cleaning with your own, homemade products makes you feel like a brilliant super-mom, doesn’t it?

natural easy way to clean microwave

Plus, anytime you’re cleaning items that frequently come in contact with food, it’s always safest to go the natural route. And, you don’t have to feel the least bit worried about chemicals getting into your food with this simple hack that I’ve come to love!

And I know the holidays are upon us — so this simple cleaning hack will keep your microwave sparkling when guests want to warm up the side dishes they brought for your holiday feast. You won’t have to worry about someone seeing your dirty microwave, because it WILL be clean! This is just too easy of a trick, not to try again and again! In fact, you may even become addicted to cleaning your microwave — wink, wink!

Who knew that cleaning your microwave could be sooooo easy? Where was this life-changing hack 15 years ago when I first became a stay-at-home wife? Oh well, you can’t re-live the past, but you can always share your cleaning tips and tricks with your mom friends, right?

Let’s dig in and talk about this simple hack that will make you want to go clean your microwave!

One Simple Hack to Clean Your Microwave

how to clean microwave the easy way

  1. First grab a gorgeous, yellow, ripe lemon and cut it in half.
  2. Now fill a small, microwave-safe bowl with water.
  3. Then cup your hand over the bowl and squeeze the juice of the entire lemon into the bowl of water. Your hand will naturally keep any seeds from slipping into the bowl, so don’t move it until you’ve squeeze out all the juice!
  4. Next place the bowl of lemon juice in your microwave and nuke it for 3 minutes. (It should be boiling.)
  5. Leave the bowl of lemon juice in the microwave for five minutes so any food goo can loosen.
  6. Now unplug your microwave. It’s the safest way to clean your appliances, so go ahead and pull that plug!
  7. Wipe microwave clean with paper towels. I recommend using Brawny® Paper Towels because they’re up to the food-go, wipe down job. And Brawny® comes in “pick your size” so you can use larger towels for the turning table and smaller towels fro the sides and door. And you’ll need more than just one paper towel, because you have a lot of moisture to wipe off! And using Brawny® helped me stand up to one of the stay-at-home mom’s life challenges — keeping a clean microwave. With this lemon solution and the perfect paper towel, I always come out stronger on the other side — and so can you!

how to lean microwave the natural way

If you run into any extra stubborn spots, dip your super-strong Brawny® Paper Towels in the lemon water and give it a little scrub.

Enjoy your sparkling, super-clean microwave and be sure to share your natural cleaning tips with me on social media!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Georgia Pacific. The opinions and text are all mine.