Quick and Easy, Gluten-free Finger Paint! Ready in Four Minutes!

Something about painting calms the soul. The same rings true with your kiddos. I think my preschoolers would paint all day if I let them! When we had the privilege of watching three other kiddos for several days, I knew we had to make our own finger paint! So we didn’t exclude anyone, I made sure the finger paint recipe was gluten-free. The finger paint adventure was a blast and the colors turned out beautifully bright!

quick and easy finger paint recipe

Several of the kids got involved with this art project. One grabbed the ingredients, while the others took turns running the mixer. Everyone took a turn at stirring in the food coloring. They loved seeing what vibrant, summer colors they could create!

gluten free finger paint

Since we had a house full of kiddos this week, I decided to find a quick and easy finger paint recipe. I did not want to have to cook paint, since I was already baking up batches of cookies and homemade bread. After doing some research, I changed up some ingredients and crossed my fingers. Would the paint turn out well? Would it REALLY be paint or would it turn out to be colored goo? I played it cool while the kiddos eagerly created their first finger paint recipe. I was thinking of a plan B if this finger paint concoction didn’t turn out right!

gluten-free paint

No worries, busy moms this recipe is a keeper! This homemade finger paint was ready in only four minutes and yes, it is actually the consistency of the over-priced finger paint you buy at the craft store. But, one more plus of this recipe is it is gluten-free. If any kiddos that are joining in on the fun-filled finger painting have a gluten-allergy, they don’t have to worry about any negative side effects. All will end well with this gluten-free paint!

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finger paint recipes

If none of your finger painting kiddos are allergic to gluten, then simply replace the rice flour with all-purpose flour. You don’t have to run out to the store and buy a different kind of flour; they both will work perfectly in your finger paint creation.

Oh, and one more surprise! When the paint dries, it turns into a nice, sandy texture! I love it! It’s perfect for other textured products! Our friends took home their paintings so they could remember all the fun we had developing our masterpieces. By the way, no paintbrushes are allowed! This is finger painting class, but you can use your feet and toes if you wish!

Ready to whip up some quick and easy finger paint? Here’s the recipe!

Quick and Easy, Gluten-free, Finger Paint


1 1/2 cups rice flour
1 cup dish soap
1 cup water
food coloring of your choice


Add first three ingredients to large mixing bowl and mix for two minutes. Then, place in separate containers to create different colors. You can use cups, Tupperware or small mason jars. Then, slowly stir in your fave food coloring until your desired color is reached. Then, get ready to paint! Not sure how well this paint stores for later use because our batches never last! We paint until the last drop it gone. Now, go create some finger paint masterpieces!