Six Sneaky Ways to Save on Diapers

Any mom of kiddos ages two and under knows that one of the major expenses of raising a baby is diapers. Anytime someone offers advice on how to save on diapers, I listen up!

how to save money on diapers

After diapering six kiddos, I want to share some of my sneaky tips to saving money on diapers. I know I was thrilled when another mom shared her tips with me! Ready for some money-saving tips? Here goes!

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Six Ways to Save Money on Diapers

  • Join a baby club. My favorite baby club above all others is Publix Baby Club. I am getting nothing from them to do this shout-out, I just LOVE their baby club! Sign up when you’re pregnant or after your baby is born. I prefer to sign up before the baby arrives so I can stock up and plan. Many baby clubs offer free items in the beginning, and then MAJOR coupons for diapers, baby food, wipes and more. Publix Baby club even gives you a super helpful book about parenting from the American Academy of Pediatrics. I followed that book like crazy when I had my first child. The information in there is indispensable! Check out your local grocery store or baby store to see if they have a baby club available. It’s worth the time to sign-up! A more natural alternative is Everyday Happy. For moms who like this choice, I am offering a FREE TRIAL of the Natural Diapers & Wipes Kit. Yay! These diapers offer a natural, comfy fit, and soft, durable wipes that are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Guaranteed toxin- and carcinogen-free!
  • Figure out the per diaper price. Many times we think, “Oh! A jumbo pack on sale!” and grab it without calculating the price per diaper. Want an easy way to do that? Use this new tool that helps you calculate how many diapers you will need and what sizes. You may be surprised at your results. Bigger is NOT always cheaper.
  • Stock up before baby arrives. You know how many people ask me, “What do you need for your baby?” Most of the time I don’t need more baby toys, receiving blankets or bottles — I need diapers! If someone asks, mention that diapers in sizes 1 and up are needed. Your baby will grow fast in be out of those newborn diapers before you can blink! Also, use your gift cards you receive at baby showers to buy diapers. If you receive any unnecessary gifts that you can exchange, exchange them for diapers. For my third child, I really stuck to this plan and resisted the urge to buy all those unnecessary baby items. I was blessed with many generous gift cards and bought diapers on sale, clearance, with coupons etc. I am completely serious when I say we did not buy one diaper for that child until she was one year old! Planning ahead will save you lots of money and stress in this area. If you’re afraid your child will outgrow any diapers you purchase, be sure to save the receipt or even easier, just tape the receipt onto the diaper box or package for an easy return.
  • Try cloth diapers.I have never used cloth diapers, but I personally know from close friends that they saved lots of cash by choosing to cloth diaper. Cloth diapering in this generation is a lot different than it was for our grandparents! There are also cloth diapering services in some states as well as cutesy cloth diaper covers. Now, you can cloth diaper in style and feel good about being a frugal mom!
  • Try out different brands. In the beginning, you will want to try out several brands for your baby. Brands change the quality of their diapers often and a name you may have trusted before may not work as well with this baby. My favorites have always been LuvS or Huggies. I tried cheaper diapers to save money, but the diapers were thinner and my little ones ended up soiling their clothes very often. The better quality diapers often require less changing, though you should always keep your baby happy and dry!
  • Potty train early. This doesn’t work for all babies, but if your little one shows signs of being ready to potty train, go for it! Stay calm and take a week off from everything to focus on this one task. You can still use diapers during nap and bedtime until your little one is able to stay dry longer. A friend of mine has a great book titled “How to Potty Train in a Weekend”. Great tips for a newbie mom who is embarking on the potty-training adventure!

What are your best tips for saving on diapers? Lots of moms would love to hear it! Share it in the comments section and help thousands of moms save some cash!

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