Why Moms Need the Gift of Clean

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gift of clean

*This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.*

Keeping a tidy home and clean kids is no easy task when you have many little ones underfoot. Sometimes I catch myself dreaming about the days when there were only two kids running around instead of six. But, then giggles fill the air and chubby little hands wrap around my legs to remind this mom that all the many nights of tidying up was and still is worth it.

But, all of us moms like to have a little help keeping everything neat and tidy, right? That’s why moms need a gift of clean. We desire to keep things spic and span, but sometimes we need a little help. Maybe it’s a favorite cleaning soap that encourages us, or some inspiring music to get us moving or maybe it’s our favorite candle burning to give us that clean and cozy feeling.

Sometimes we can give the gift of clean! Maybe we can go help another mom with her laundry, dishes or dinner. Any and every token of help and thoughtfulness goes a long way in the realm of motherhood.

All my kids are potty-trained, so diapers and wipes are a thing of the past. But, I still love to use baby wipes to help me clean up little spills and little hands.

ENTER a small gift of clean to moms — gentle clean baby wipes.

Pampers has come out with a new, gentle clean wipe that keeps your munchkins skin soft and unharmed through all the clean-ups.

When we travel or go to a restaurant, my husband and kids know what I will be pulling out of my purse several times — baby wipes. I love that I can use these wipes on my kids and don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or stinging alcohol when we’re getting everyone freshened up.

The wipes come in handy too when we’re in a hurry and I hear someone say,

“Mary-Lynn spilled her drink!”

“Grab a wipe!” is often my reply. It’s quick, kid-friendly and super-absorbent.

Does your little one have sensitive skin? Try out the new gentle clean wipes to get your munchkins cleaned up during diaper changes, after snacks or just throughout the day when little messes will happen.

Even my next door neighbor, who is a grandmother, keeps wipes around her house. Why?

“I love to wipe down the small messes with the wipes. It’s convenient and cheap. Plus, I can hand the wipes to my grandchildren and they can clean up alongside me!” she explained to me one day.

Moms in every stage of life can enjoy the benefits of a gentle clean. What do you use to clean up small messes?

Maybe your putting off spring cleaning and tidying up because you really dread the cleaning. How about a few gifts to encourage you to get to scrubbing? Today we are giving away a gentle clean package to one of our readers — just because we want to give YOU the gift of clean! Sign up below for your chance to win the following:

Cleaning Caddy
Hand Lotion
Swiffer Wet Jet
Pampers Wipes

Pampers and Doubly Duty Divvas also asked me to give the gift of clean to another mom. I had just gotten an email from a reader who let me know she had just had her sixth child! After a very long labor, she gave birth to a 10 lb. 2 oz baby! Wow! If any mom deserves the gift of clean, the new mommy does! I chose a laundry organizer, because I know how much laundry a large family can go through. I only hope that this gift makes her laundry and cleaning days a little bit less stressful! Staying organized keeps things a little bit more under control. Here’s a photo of the cute laundry organizer I picked out for her.

gift of clean

Now, here’s what YOU could win when you sign up for the giveaway below! The giveaway lasts only one week, so make sure you come back to see if you won! Let me know in the comments if you still use baby wipes around the house! Thanks for being a loyal Pint-sized Treasures’ reader! Stay tuned for more giveaways!

gift of clean

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4 thoughts on “Why Moms Need the Gift of Clean”

  1. I swear I’ll still be buying wipes when I’m in a nursing home! My boys are 13 and 16, and we have a tub in the house, one in each van, and a couple packed away in our camping gear! They’re the ultimate handy-dandy cleaner, aren’t they?

  2. I love that you gifted the laundry sorter- (that’s a great invention anyways!) :)
    ps- Does E & A using wipes to clean the house count? ;) haha! No wonder the boxes of wipes are always empty!!

    Great post!!
    Have a great night. :)

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