Conversation Hearts Memory Game

Delight the kids in your life with this free, printable Conversation Heart Memory Game — perfect for Valentine’s Day. The hard work’s been done for you. All you need to do is print the cards, cut out the hearts, and play!

printable Valentine's Day game

Conversation Heart Memory is the perfect game for kids of all ages. Preschoolers will enjoy matching colors, but older children can be challenged to match the colors and phrases. What fun reading practice!

conversation heart memory game printable

The object of Conversation Heart Memory is to collect the most pairs. To play, simply prepare the cards as directed on the printable. Lay the cards down in rows, face down. Each player has a chance to turn over any 2 cards. If the cards match, the player keeps them. If they don’t match, the player turns them back over. The game is over when all the cards have been matched!

conversation hearts printable memory game

Conversation heart memory game for kids

To extend the life of your printable game, consider laminating the cards or sliding them between 2 sheets of clear contact paper. Then your children can enjoy the game year after year!

conversation hearts memory game printable

More Ways to Play With Conversation Hearts

Memory games are adaptable and can provide fun beyond the traditional game. Shared below are additional ways to play!

  • Use the cards to play Go Fish.
  • Ask your child, “If you were a conversation heart author, what would you print on the heart?”
  • Use the cards to go on a color hunt around the house. Can you find an object that matches the color of the card?
  • Give the cards away as a special Valentine.
  • Use the heart cards to learn about patterning.

Ready to play? Download printable here.
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