25 Incredible Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes

These 25 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes are Completely Amazing!

It’s the season of love — Valentine’s Day will be here soon!

Want to make your hubby’s or kids day more special?

Let them wake up to one of these amazing Valentine’s breakfast recipes ( or even try these super-easy, chocolate covered strawberries recipe!).

These Valentine's Day breakfast ideas are incredible! From luxurious to super simple,. you'll find the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast recipe for your special day! #pintsizedtreasures #Valentinesday #breakfast #Valentinesdayrecipes #Valentinesdayideas #valentinesdayeats #easybreakfast #holidaybreakfast

These are tried and true recipes from your fave food bloggers across the web!

Of course each and every recipe could and should be topped with whipped cream — because it’s a holiday, and whipped cream makes everything better — right?

Which recipe will you make first? I think I’ll start with #9!

25 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes

My heart beats for Nutella!

I would love to wake up to these homemade Strawberry Nutella Poptarts! 

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Breakfast is waiting…

Will Cook for Smiles has the perfect Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea over on her blog! Check it out!

Are s’mores Ok for breakfast?

Ok, I know I will have to run three miles and do 1,582 sit-ups to work off these S’mores Red Velvet Waffle Stacks, but, it’s worth it — right?

Heart-shaped toast is a classic Valentine’s Day idea!

Ooh! This Super Simple Valentine’s Day Heart Toast is great if you need a super-quick Valentine’s Day breakfast idea — especially on a school morning.

You have to have pancakes for breakfast!

Love these adorable Valentine Pancakes!

Mmm…do you smell homemade bread?

Our family loves homemade bread for breakfast. I am sure this Soft Cherry Bread with Cherry Almond Glaze will be a fave on Valentine’s Day morning!

Donuts for Breakfast!

These donuts will be a hit with any donut-lovin’ family!

Every Valentine’s Day should start with Nutella.

Bring on the nutella with these Strawberry Nutella Croissants.

Raspberry Muffins are always welcome on Valentine’s Day morning!

This Raspberry Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins recipe has the perfect secret ingredient to make your kiddos smile!.

Want a luxurious Valentine’s Day Breakfast?

Think red velvet anything. Start with these Red Velvet Pancakes that are gorgeous!

Rice krispie treats for breakfast?! 

Yes ma’am! Soft, pastel colors make these Heart-shaped Treat Pops as pretty as they are tasty.

Want a dainty Valentine’s Day breakfast?

Love me some Lemon Strawberry Jam Crumb Bars in the morning! Sooooo good!

Crepes add a nice touch to a holiday morning meal!

These Chocolate Crepes with Strawberry Filling will be perfect!

Ready for cheesecake?

These strawberry cheesecake turnovers are super simple and perfectly flaky!

Need a healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast?

You’ll love these Valentine’s Day Mini TriflesSimply gorgeous!

More donuts, please! 

These Chocolate Donuts with Pomegranate Glaze will tickle your tastebuds!

Tarts are perfect for any holiday!

These Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts are gorgeous and have my fave ingredient of all — cream cheese!

Want a kid-friendly option?

Try these Nutella Strawberry Pop Tarts that are WAY better than the store-bought stuff!

Coffee cake says “I love you!”

Mmmm….I can just imagine how awesome this Raspberry Vanilla Coffee Cake smells! Can someone come bake it in my kitchen — NOW?!

Donut and muffins in one Valentine’s Day recipe!

Sweetheart Jelly Donut Muffins are perfect for February 14!

Bring on the muffins!

These Strawberries and Cream Muffins are simple and quick for a busy Valentine’s Day morning!

Caramel, bananas and raspberries…oh my!

Leave it to Tidymom to create Amazing Valentine’s Breakfast from caramel, raspberries and bananas!

Heart-shaped scones are practically perfect in every way.

Heart-shaped Scones are perfect if you’re planning on a Valentine’s Day brunch!

Pancake kabobs are super-fun and CUTE!

Mini Pancake Kabobs are probably the cutest breakfast you have ever eaten! Adorable!

And to top things off…

Holiday breakfasts are never complete without the perfect drink. Try Pink Hot Chocolate to add the special touch to your perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast!

Which Valentine’s Day Breakfast will you make? I dare you to try TWO this Valentine’s Day so your special person can truly know they/re loved and appreciated!

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