16 DIY Disinfectant Cleaner Recipes


We’re sharing many different types of DIY disinfectants (plus a bathroom cleaning routine!) so you can keep your home squeaky clean!

Find the perfect solution for your house!

#1: Easy DIY Disinfectant Spray

This is a simple solution for countertops and other surfaces that need a good wipe down!

diy disinfectant

#2 Spray Cleaner

Clean Mama has a unique cleaning solution you’ll love!

#3 Homemade Lysol Spray

Essential oils are the main ingredient in this homemade version of Lysol!

#4 Germ Fighter Cleaner

Use this in a spray or wipe down counter-tops with a cloth and this homemade solution.

#5 DIY Mop Soap And Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaner recipe looks like it would smell soooo good!

Who doesn’t want a good smelling house?!

#6 DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Keep those bathroom and kitchen counters clean with these disinfecting wipes!

#7 Two Ingredient Disinfectant

Two ingredients are all that are needed for this natural disinfectant recipe!

#8 Reusable Disinfecting Wipes

Right now, we need reusable wipes, right?!

Try this DIY version that looks super simple!

easy disinfectant wipes

#9 DIY Homemade Cleaning Wipes

These easy, homemade wipes are perfect for disinfecting!

#10 Lemon Infused Disinfectant

Homemade cleaners always smell better when lemon is involved!

Try this homemade cleaning solution!

#11 Homemade Bathroom Disinfectant Spray

This DIY spray will get your bathroom squeak clean!

#12 Simple Essential Oil Cleaner

Just a few ingredients and you have a fresh smelling, disinfectant!

Grab the tutorial here!

homemade disinfectant spray

#13 DIY Lysol Spray

This homemade cleaning spray will help keep germs away!

#14 Easy Cleaning Spray

Get your home clean with a few sprays of this recipe!

#15 DIY Disinfectant Fabric SPray

Yes, those fabrics need to be disinfected too!

Use this cleaning solution to get it done!

#16 Multipurpose Spray

Simple, clean and fresh!

You’ll love this cleaning solution that works for so many surfaces!

homemade disinfectant cleaning spray

Which DIY Disinfectant Cleaner Will You Make first?

I personally love the convenience of wipes!

Now, go get your house clean! :)

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