Easy Christmas Present Treats

Don’t you love the adorable, edible treats during their holidays? These easy Christmas present treats are sure to make the young and old smile with delight! They’re that cute, aren’t they?!

easy Christmas present treats

What’s better than a super-cute Christmas treat? A treat that tastes as good as it looks! These Christmas present treats are made from chocolate candy bars that are dipped in white chocolate. Mmm-hmm…that really helps your holiday guests keep their chocolate sweet tooth satisfied!

And I betcha you’re a super busy gal during the holiday season, aren’t ya? That’s why you need something simple, cute and oh-so-yummy to serve your best buds during the holidays. And me? I can’t wait to see my children’s eyes light up when they see ANOTHER holiday treat sitting on the table. They normally squeeze me so tight and say, “Thank you, mom!” Yeah, it’s definitely worth whipping a few holiday treats here and there to see those big grins!

easy Christmas present treats recipe

I love how colorful these little presents are, don’t you? You can definitely keep kids happy when everyone can find their favorite color. Blue for Will, red for Claire and yellow for Ethan. It all works out when kids have a huge variety of colors to pick from!

easy Christmas present treat recipe

These yummy treats are also perfect for any holiday party at the office. They’re bite-sized which makes them perfect for a grab and go type of holiday party. You definitely can’t go wrong with these cuties!

Side note: I would definitely keep these refrigerated as much as possible. I love to keep all my chocolate-dipped goodies inside the fridge until ready to eat. If you’re traveling to a holiday gathering, be sure to ask the host or hostess if you can toss these cute treats in the fridge for a few. Nobody enjoys messy fingers from melted chocolate! So with anything that’s dipped in oh-so-yummy chocolate, just try to remember to keep it cool as much as possible.

easy Christmas present treats

Ready to create some adorable, edible Christmas tree present treats? You’re in luck because the super easy recipe is below. Just print it out and head to the grocery store to grab your ingredients! Happy holiday cooking and snacking! <3

easy Christmas present treats

Easy Christmas Present Treats

Chocolate-dipped treats that look like perfectly tie Christmas presents! These are a huge hit at any holiday party!


  • 1 cups while chocolate melts or discs
  • 20-25 mini milky way bars
  • airhead extremes candy
  • edible candy hearts and pearls


  1. Cut two inch strips from the air head extremes candy. You need two strips of the same color per present.
  2. Unwrap mini candy bars.
  3. Microwave chocolate discs for 30 seconds at a time. After each time, stir the discs or chocolate. Continue until chocolate is completely melted and smooth.
  4. Let melted chocolate cool for two minutes. If it's too hot, it will melt your mini candy bars! That makes a yucky mess!
  5. Dip mini candy bars into chocolate and place on parchment paper.
  6. Add 2 pieces of airhead candy strips in a crossing pattern. Then add 2 hearts with a pearl between them (this creates the bow).
  7. Let presents sit for 10 minutes so the chocolate will harden.
  8. Enjoy now or refrigerate for later!
Nutrition Information:
Serving Size: 1 grams
Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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