Easy Squeeze Pouch Lid Flowers

Do your kids love squeeze pouches? My three-year-old sure does! Squeeze pouches are like a major food group around our house! These easy squeeze pouch lid flowers are a fun upcycled craft that helps us reuse and recycle!

easy squeeze pouch flower craft

If you don’t reuse items around the house for crafts, you should give it a try! Making crafts from items out of the recycling bin encourages creativity and resourcefulness — and often doesn’t cost a dime! Pretty frugal, huh?

upcycled flower craft We do it so much around our house that my three-year-old has picked up this knack as well — it’s pretty hilarious to watch! She’ll sit there with an empty Ziploc bag or soda bottle and talk about how we upcycle it into a dolphin or hot air balloon. She’s definitely imaginative! So I enlisted her help on this squeeze pouch lid mission.

After much thought, my little one suggested we use the squeeze pouch lids to make flowers — I loved the idea! I collected lids like a mad woman for a week, and ended up with way more than I needed. However, it gave us a great color selection to choose from! I am really pleased with the way they turned out, and am thinking they’d make really cute 3-D art that you could frame and hang in a kid’s room. Don’t you agree?

easy squeeze pouch lid craft

Here’s how we made our squeeze pouch lid flowers!

Easy Squeeze Pouch Lid Flowers

Materials Needed:


  1. Cut out petals and a stem from cardstock paper.

    easy squeeze pouch lid flower craft

  2. Glue down the stem and petals to form a flower. We layered two different colors to form the flower. It would be fun to experiment with colors and patterns, especially if you were going to frame this!

    upcycled flower craft

  3. Glue the squeeze pouch lid in the middle, and allow to dry.
  4. Frame or hang to display!
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