Feed the Squirrel Preschool Activity

Do your kids love acorns? This feed the squirrel preschool activity is just the perfect way to wet your child’s appetite for learning! Who doesn’t want to feed a super-cute squirrel acorns?

Don’t worry, busy mom! This simple preschool activity is ready in just a few minutes! No need to run out to your favorite craft store and gather supplies. What you need is probably sitting around your house!

This squirrel activity can be used for counting, recognizing and memorizing numbers. Preschoolers love learning the fun way! And you know what preschool activities and crafts do for a busy mom? They keep her child happy, content and busy! When your child is all three of those you’re set up for a successful and happy day at home. I even have a fun, acorn treat recipe you can check out too to make it an all about acorns day!

If you’re not confident you can draw a squirrel, no problem! I’ve included a free printable you can print out and get going — no drawing required! 

Here are some simple and fun ways to add learning to this simple squirrel activity!

Fun Ways to Learn with Feed The Squirrel Preschool Activity

Use flash cards! Give your preschooler some number flash cards. Spread them out on the ground and ask him to point to a specific number. Then, ask him to feed the acorn that specific amount of acorns.

Just say it! For sound recognition, simply call out numbers to your child and ask him to feed the squirrel that amount of acorns.

Count them! Count the total number of acorns your child has picked up form the yard.

Let’s compare! Ask your child to group the acorns into a small, medium and large group. Then, tell him to feed the small acorns to the squirrel first, then the medium acorns to the squirrel second, and lastly feed the squirrel the large acorns. This teaches sequence and comparison!

Ready to watch your preschooler learn numbers and giggle? Let’s feed the squirrel!

Feed the Squirrel Activity

Materials needed:

One empty toilet paper tube or paper towel tube cut in half.
One white dry erase board
markers (or free printable if you do not want to draw the squirrel)
flash cards (optional)
one eager-to-learn preschooler!


Draw a super-cute squirrel onto your dry erase board or print out the printable and tape it onto the center of the board.
Tape the toilet paper or paper towel tube onto the squirrel.
Gather acorns and start counting!