Quick and Easy Meals Round-up!

quick and easy meals

Quick and easy meals are an answer to your cry for help when it comes to trying to balance laundry, dishes, home-schooling, soccer games, church activities and everything else under the sun. Your schedule is dangerously tight. Crunched schedules are the perfect opportunity to be tempted to spend more money for the sake of convenience. Don’t give in! You can still have yummy meals on the table in minutes with these quick and easy meals!

Chicken casserole Supreme

This Swiss chicken casserole takes little prep. Y can accomplish other duties while this bakes in the oven. The heartiness of Swiss cheese and chicken is sure to please your hubby and munchkins.

5 Spice Baked Fish

Want to change things up a bit? Try fish for dinner—a baked fish, loaded with flavor! This fish only needs 10-15 minutes to bake and even less prep time. You can thank me later.

cheesy, chicken nachos

If you haven’t noticed, our family loves Tex-Mex! Here’s a simple and fresh chicken nacho recipe you can use when you want to get some cheesy, meaty goodness on the table—fast!

Speedy, meatless Burritos!

This is a super-frugal meal because it’s meatless—yay for meatless meals! I enjoy meat, but meatless meals are always welcome to this family’s food budget. Speedy Burritos will save you time and money on those day when you feel like there is no time to cook! This is simple and you can try all kind of variations.

Quick and easy chicken chili

Chilly weather is upon us! Cozy up with this quick meal that only uses two chicken breasts to feed your crew. Hearty Chicken Chili is a fun twist on the classic beef chili recipes.


Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Chicken Alfredo is a classic recipe Americans have enjoyed for years. Enjoy this mouth-watering dish with little prep and little cook time. No on will believe that it is a speedy meal for busy moms!


Who doesn’t love steak? Hamburger steak is a budget-friendly way to enjoy some beefy goodness. I love the extra french fried onion rings on top! This hamburger steak only takes minutes to prepare. No grill needed!

quick and easy pizza

Kids begging for pizza? Surprise them with these speedy pizza tortillas! Fill with your favorite toppings for a heartier meal. Ready before the delivery man can say “Delivery!”


Perfect for fall, this tortilla pot pie will indulge your craving for chicken pot pie without the fuss of making a pie crust. Layered tortillas and cheddar cheese make this meal irresistible!

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