Roasted Broccoli Potato Salad

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I thought my favorite roasted veggie was brussel sprouts — but not after diving into this roasted broccoli potato salad! I was literally having to push my teen son away from this gorgeous, flavorful meal!

broccoli potato salad recipe

What pairs perfectly with roasted broccoli? Sautéed almonds of course! They’re gorgeous, crunchy and wonderfully healthy! I only use the sliced almonds because I’m a texture girl!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about a crazy wonderful new ingredient I used — it’s the only mayonnaise with Greek yogurt. I’ve often daydreamed about making my own homemade recipe from Greek yogurt, but never took the plunge! I’m glad I can grab Blue Plate® Light Mayonnaise with Greek Yogurt mayo — especially because it has protein as a nutrient!

roasted broccoli salad

This recipe has something that you may not find in your kitchen cabinet — curry powder! Spending seven years in an Asian country was long enough to get me hooked on this yellow powdery stuff. It’s a pretty yummy taste and pairs perfectly with potatoes…yes, I said potatoes.

roasted broccoli salad recipe

Learning how to make a yummy bowl of curry was one of my first cooking tasks overseas. I learned that curry always tastes best with a few potatoes. Some people throw eggplant in there, but me? Nah. If I’m eating curry, I go all out and make it a comfort food. I couldn’t help thinking about potatoes when I tossed the broccoli with curry powder. That’s where those beautifully, diced red potatoes come in. They add a perfect twist to this salad!

roasted broccoli potato salad recipe

The only problem about this salad is that it takes some major temperance to not snack on all the roasted broccoli before you toss all the ingredients together. I had to literally pull my son away from the broccoli until I could snap some food pics! Yes, that’s the sad part of being a blogger — you have to photograph food BEFORE you eat it! It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it — wink, wink!

roasted broccoli potato salad

Enjoy this dee-lish salad recipe that’s perfect for your spring and summer parties and make sure you add a generous amount of BluePlate Light Greek to your salad!

Oh, and another word of thanks to Blue Plate® Mayonnaise for sponsoring this amazing roasted broccoli salad recipe! <3 [mv_create key="36" title="Roasted Broccoli Potato Salad" thumbnail="" type="recipe"]

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