Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

Sensory fun is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to learn! This simple snowman sensory bin takes a child’s love for snowmen and transforms that into a hands-on learning experience!

If your child is on a snowman learning adventure, be sure to check out our snowman printable twister game too! It’s perfect for learning coordination skills and following instructions!

If you’re unfamiliar with sensory bins, they’re just what the name implies – a bin filled with items that appeal to a child’s senses.

snowman sensory bin

In this case, my daughter Riley could hear the rice crunch and the bells jingle (though we recommend jingle bells that will not present a chocking hazard. Please supervise any children who are enjoying some sensory fun with a sensory bin!)

Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

Riley could see the bright colors and the sparkles of the pom poms.

The pom moms also offer a soft texture for preschoolers and toddlers to explore!

snowman sensory bin

Rice, paper, and ribbon also added additional textures to learn and chat about.

And the cold temperature of the rice is fun to feel too!

We froze the blue rice for a super-fun, children sensory bin!

The snowman sensory bin is also a fun place to enjoy snowman pretend play!

It doesn’t hurt to play some favorite snowman songs too!

snowman sensory bin kit

When you print out our snowman sensory kit you can change out hats for the snowman, add a mustache or even add a colorful flower.

Preschoolers and toddlers can literally spend hours exploring this snowman sensory bin!

snowman sensory bin

How can you use this sensory bin for an exciting learning experience?

Learning Ideas Using Snowman Sensory Bin

  • Count the snowmen.
  • Count the pieces of ribbon.
  • Name all the colors in the bin.
  • Talk about the winter season.
  • Chat about what snow is made from.
  • Name what countries rarely see snow.
  • Name five countries that get lots of snow
  • Scoop out pom moms and count them.
  • Scoop and measure two cups of snow a.k.a. rice.

Want to know how to create this simple snowman sensory bin?

Instructions follow!

Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

Materials Needed

  • Rice dyed blue (I put a few cups of rice in a large freezer storage bag, added a couple squeezes of hand sanitizer and drops of food coloring until I reached the desired color. You can find full instructions on dying rice for sensory bins here.
  • White basket filler paper
  • Printable Snowman Set
  • Blue and white polka dotted ribbon
  • Sparkly pom poms
  • Jingle bells (only under adult supervision. Choose jingle bells that are not choking hazards.)
  • Foam snowmen (you can glue or tape the printable snowmen to these or simply print out the snowmen on yardstick and toss them in the sensory bin!)
  • Snowflake confetti


    1. Print out and cut items from snowman sensory kit.
    2. Dye and chill the rice.
    3. Place all sensory bin items in your favorite plastic container and start a fun, snowman sensory day!

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