Why My Vision Is Important to My Kids

Wondering how you can take care of your vision and help a child in need of vision care? One in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem. Right now, when you purchase an individual vision insurance plan from VSP Direct™ for as low as $17/month, a child in need receives a free eye exam and glasses, up to a retail value of $1 million. Find out more at VSPDirect.com/EyeGiveBack. Thanks to VSP for sponsoring this post.

“Hey, Mary-Lynn? Have you worn mom’s glasses? Everything looks weird in them!” comes my oldest daughter’s call to her younger sister.

Everyone in my family knows my vision is pretty yucky. But despite my weakness in this area, my vision is very important to my kids.

why my vision is important to my kids

“Mommy, look what I made!” is an expression I hear almost constantly.

“Mommy, will you show me how to knit?” comes another request.

“Mom, can we make this new cookie recipe?” asks a child bubbling over with anticipation.

During those memory-making activities, my kids need a mom who can clearly read instructions, work with her hands and watch instructional videos.

why my vision is important

Ever since second grade I have had to wear glasses. I never could see the chalkboard and was embarrassed to pull out my tinted, ever-so-dorky glasses out of my bookbag. Fast forward a few years and I’m still the same way. Wearing glasses makes me feel like I am living in a glass box, but I make sure that I wear them when it matters most — because it’s important to my kids.

vision is important to my kids

“Mom, can we watch Monsters University?” asks one of my little munchkins.

Yes, we can, but I will miss out on all the laughs and super-funny moments if I am not wearing my glasses. It’s important to my kids for me to wear my glasses when we watch a new movie together. So, you know what I do? I put on my glass box, cuddle up and enjoy watching the movie — and I get to see every single part!

vision is important to kids

My vision isn’t only important to my kids, but their vision is just as important.

My oldest daughter got glasses a few years ago and now finds it easier to read, play the piano, knit and see the dry-erase board during school. Did you know 20% of children struggle to read because of vision problems? It’s true. Another statistic? One in four children suffer from undetected vision problems.

Why My Vision is Important

I struggled with impaired vision as a child and have a child who does as well. I have learned some simple signs to look out for, but sometimes there are no signs. So what should a mom do? Get your child checked. It’s painless, quick and super important.

Several years ago it was a daunting financial task to get our kids to the eye doctor. We had several young children and they all needed dental care, doctor’s visits — and of course, education. All the costs added up and thinking about paying full price for an eye exam and glasses for my children was not a happy thought. But now, I know there is help for families in need — and you can be a part of it!

Now through June 30, 2015, VSP® Vision Care, the largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company in the U.S., will donate an eye exam and glasses to a child in need — up to $1 million. Not too shabby, eh?

Found out how you can be involved in helping kids get help — and find out what you can do for your vision care too. Why? Because your vision is important to your kids — and theirs is too!

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