10 Must-Have Potty Training Tips

Potty-training is an adventure for any mom. It takes dedication to get through this learning process — and patience. Looking for some ideas to make the process less stressful and more productive? Great potty-trainig tips on the way!

must-have potty training tips

10 Must-Have Potty-training Tips

  • Use training pants wisely! Training pants have gotten some negative feedback from a lot of moms, but let me tell you a little secret — they are life-savers if used in the proper situation. At the beginning of the potty-training process dress your child in just underwear during the day so she can feel the sensation and signals that tell her it’s time to potty. She will not like being wet and will quickly learn the consequences of having an accident. However, during naps and bedtime, you want to take the stress out of your potty-training day by putting your child in training pants. Take those first few days and just focus on successful potty training during waking hours. Also, if you need to go on outings, it’s best to have your child wear Pull-Ups® until the training process is complete. Accidents outside the home make the potty-training process more stressful for you and your child.
  • must-have potty-training tips

  • Be Consistent. Never start potty-training until you are willing to take the time necessary to accomplish the task at hand. Don’t begin potty-training and then quit for two days. It needs to be a daily routine of learning until the skill is established.
  • Clear your schedule. Pick a week that is not busy for you and potty-train then. Devote your energy, creativity and time to this milestone in toddlerhood. Your hard work will pay off more quickly if you stick to it!

  • Praise! Praise! Praise! After each successful potty time, clap your hands, sing a song and get the whole family involved. This is a new victory for your little one. Celebrate it!
  • Reward. Grab a couple of bags of gummy bears, M & Ms, potty-training books or whatever rewards your child will enjoy. Give rewards after each successful bathroom visit.
  • Sit and wait. For the first few days of training, it will take time for your tyke-in-training to get accustomed to using the toilet. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes or an hour for your toddler to potty the first time. So, prepare for a long couple of days. Don’t worry, it will get easier!
  • Strategize. In the beginning of potty-training, you really want to strategize potty visits. Just like adults, the first thing tiny tots should do when they wake up is visit the bathroom. As your little one begins to stir in the morning, take him immediately to the toilet. Immediately after nap, head to the potty.

  • must-have potty training tips

  • Color the water. Before your little one comes to the potty, add a couple of drops of food-coloring to the toilet water. When she urinates, the water will change color and your child will want to potty over and over — and over again!
  • Boys, boys, boys. It is true that boys can be more difficult to train. To add some fun to the potty-training routine, throw some Cheerios into the water and let him try to aim and shoot the cheerios. Boys love target practice!
  • Train on a regular toilet. Forget the adorable, cutesy, music-playing kid toilets. Start on the family toilet that everyone uses. Though it is larger than your child, there will be no need to face this transition later on. Some children develop a fear of the normal toilet if not introduced to it at an early age. If you are at a restaurant, traveling or at a relatives house, your child will always be able to use the toilet. Other people do not cater to kid potty chairs, so prepare for the outside world!

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