Simple Ways Moms Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Every year the holidays rush upon us…no matter how much we plan and prepare!

Busy moms definintely need to make time for our health. And it takes a daily dedication to work on our health during this busy season!

But, when we give extra care to our selves, we help our families by giving our them a less stressed, more energized mom!

How Moms Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays

#1: Keep drinking water.

I have to set a timer on my phone so I’ll remember to keep drinking water!

With all the busyness of shopping, baking, and traveling, drinking water is normally the last thing on our mind. Setting a timer takes a few seconds so we can get needed hydration in throughout the day!

To add more flavor to your water, toss in fresh mint, lemons, and berries. So good!

#2: Add more protein to your day.

Our family has officially become a fan of shaker bottles and blenders. We add protein to our shaker bottles and head out the door to our next holiday activity!

Thank you to our favorite protein powder, Naked Nutrition, for sponsoring this post.

With Naked Nutrition there are no hidden ingredients.

As a mom who cares about what goes into our food and shakes, I’m thrilled to keep our pantry stocked with a protein powder I can trust.

Plus, they recently came out with a new flavor that is decadent and PERFECT for the holidays!

Chocolate Naked PB is a chocolate peanut butter powder that’s perfect for the holiday season!

What makes this protein powder different and worth of having a spot underneath my Christmas tree?

  • Only 4 ingredients. Can you believe it? Roasted peanuts, cocoa, sea salt, and fermented cane sugar are what’s in every scoop of my gorgeously smooth protein shakes. Yes, the entire family loves to make their own shakes too…and we even use the powder to make muffins and pancakes!
  • Peanuts used in the powder are exclusively from US Farms.
  • Zero added sugar per serving
  • Certified Vegan and gluten-free. The gluten-free certification is important to our family!
  • 6 grams of protein and 0.8 grams of BCAAs per serving

#3: Walk daily.

I love to take my dog, Reyna, out on daily walks. This gives both of us much-needed exercise, quiet time, fresh air, and a few dashes of happiness.

Sometimes our walks are for an hour…sometimes they’re only 15 minutes.

But every walk makes a difference!

#4: Get extra rest.

Taking a 20 minute power nap during the day while making sure I get 8 hours of rest a night helps me power through the holidays with better health.

Every mom needs her rest!

#5: De-stress.

Whatever helps you destress, invest time in that activity or ritual daily.

Listening to soft music while drinking tea or coffee, simple stretches, sitting in my front porch swing, a hot bath, or even reading a classic novel really helps me destress.

All these activities are simple, doable, and can take as little as ten minutes or as long as a few hours a day.

#6: Give to others.

I love sharing unique gifts with friends and neighbors. I’ve given out eye masks, specialty coffees, and even protein powder.

Under our Christmas tree this year, we’re giving each other little gifts to help each other find better health this year.

And that starts now…during the holiday rush!

Want to share some healthy and unique gifts with a friend? Definitely consider gifting the new chocolate, Naked PB powder.

I also love the banana bread flavor too!

#7: Snack on veggies.

For a quick snack fix, we’ll fill a cookie sheet into the oven that’s full of fresh veggies. Those veggies are drizzled in olive oil and tossed with Himalayan sea salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika.

They’re super filling and keep us from digging into sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies!

We’ve also kept hummus available for anyone who wants to dip baby carrots or broccoli florets in during the day.

I’ve even made a “veggie train” to make raw veggies more fun for the kids…and me! :)

How Are You Staying Healthy During the Holidays?

Chat with me about your healthy goals and habits in our Parents Connect group.

See you there!

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