60 Clean Movies for Picky Families

Is Your Family Looking for a List of Wholesome Movies?

Summer, Christmas, and any “down time” gives us even MORE time for family nights!

movies for families

Anytime school is out, or there’s extra holidays, or even event cancellations, those times helps us sit back and enjoy time with everyone in our home.

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Every Family Has Different Guidelines for Movies..

As a Christian family, we try to guide our movie watching by our values.

Throughout the years, we’ve gathered a list of favorite movies.

Some movies we’ve learned that the entire movie is clean, fun, and acceptable…except for like 4.8 seconds, so we skip that tiny part or mute the music etc.

If we’ve found that to be true, I’ll try to remember to add my personal note beside the movie!

I also recommend checking out Plugged In and the IMDB Parents Guide section before viewing so you get a thorough review before you choose to watch a movie.

I’ve let our family watch movies that were recommended by trusted friends and ended up having to make a scene, turn off the movie, and apologize to my kids…

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Use the blessing of technology and check out the in-depth reviews at the above websites AFTER you read this list! :)

60 Movies for Picky Families To Watch

Family Movie #1: The Greatest Game Ever Played

I thought Golf was the most boring sport ever invented.

But wow, this movie made it incredibly exciting.

We were glued to this movie!

Family Movie #2: Mars Needs Moms

I love how this emphasizes how a “good” mom makes her kids do chores, and just be a plain, good human being. :)

Family Movie #3: Secretariat

We don’t encourage gambling, but we sure do love watching a good race!

This is an exciting story about an amazing race horse and a pretty smart lady that took some risks. :)

Family Movie #4: Peter Pan

Disney classic cartoons are some of the best!

Family Movie #5: Alice in Wonderland

I forgot how cute this movie was until we watched it again the other week!


Family Movie #6: Incredibles

Family’s stick together…even in the tough times!

Great message!

#7 Mary Poppins Returns

Asking me to choose between this one and the original

Mary Poppins is like asking me to choose between one of my kids….seriously it is THAT good!

The music, the storyline!

We’ve watched this at least ten times and my kids have memorized the songs.

Family Movie #8 Christopher Robin

We planned a family “watch party” for this movie release with pizza, ice cream and jammies!

It is one of the cleanest movies you’ll ever watch!

Any Winnie the Pooh fans will love it!

Little kids may get bored…but older kids who loved Winnie the Pooh will find that sentimental part of their soul.

Family Movie #9 When Hope Calls

This is a series, but it’s super clean!

It’s a spin-off of When Calls the Heart.

It’s on our list too!

Family Movie #10 Pete’s Dragon

My daughter said…”Don’t forget about Pete’s Dragon!”

It’s a unique movie!

Family Movie #11 Tangled

Here’s the thing with this movie…I don’t recommend kids under the age of 9 watching it because they may not get the thing about the captor not being her mother.

It’s quite confusing for little ones, but older kids understand it from the beginning.

watching movies was a family
Pretty sick little child girl laying in bed and drink tea

Family Movie #11 101 Dalmations

I love the storyline here… The real movie or the cartoon will work!

The cartoon would be less scary for younger kids!

Kids ages 9 and up wouldn’t be scared!

Family Movie #12 Cinderella

I love the mice in this classic movie!

Boys, girls, teens, and adults will find something in this movie to love!

Family Movie #13 Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

For little kids, this is a winner!

Family Movie #14 Ramona and Beezus

Don’t be alarmed when the main character says…”I’m going to say a bad word…” she doesn’t..and it’s pretty cute!

She says my type of “bad words” :)

Family Movie #15 Toy Story 4

Boring for older kids, but it’s a clean, family movie!

movies for picky families

Family Movie #16 Bambi

I caught my older kids (teenagers!) grinning when they watched this for the first time! WHo doesn’t love Thumper?

Family Movie #17 Big Hero 6

We love genius kids and kid-action movies!

We do skip the beginning because it shows the main character betting, but his older brother reproves him for it.

You can find more on this topic on Plugged In.

We mute the loud music too.

Family Movie #18 Planes

Cute movie with lots of racing and adorable accents!

Family Movie #19 Finding Dory

Such a sweet story the entire family will love!

Family Movie #20 Finding Nemo

At first, we wouldn’t let our kids watch this movie because Nemo tells his dad “I hate you.”

But, the movie resolves with the son being wrong for saying those things to his dad, but his dad realized he was acting out of fear.

If you give it time, the storyline resolves the beginning parent/child conflict.

movies for families

Family Movie #21 The Good Dinosaur

Cute movie with great graphics!

Family Movie #22 Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

My kids told me to warn you that little kids might be scared of the “BIG BUGS” that fight after the kids are shrunk.

Family Movie #23 Ratatouille

A story about a rat who’s a chef…pretty creative, but a little gross…ha!

Family Movie #24 Homeward Bound

If your kids like pet movies, they’ll love this one!

Family Movie #25 Little Princess with Shirley Temple

I can understand why the world fell in love with Shirley Temple!

She brings a smile to your face in this movie!

Family Movie #26 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This was a classical, but weird, genius piece of art!

Teaches so many life lessons in a strange way…ha!

Family Movie #27 Magic of Ordinary Days

The storyline of this movie is the main character commits fornication because she was so lonely after her mom died and tried to fill that void. I

t’s evident she is sorry for that mistake later.

The movie doesn’t show her past (obviously), but lightly explains the history in the movie.

A quiet farmer decides he will marry her to cover her shame and you see sacrificial and true love shine in this movie as well as a war story woven throughout.

Family Movie #28 Love Comes Softly

We recommend all the movies in this series!

It’s a family, faith, Western, and light romance all in one! More for the young girls and teen girls in the family.

Family Movie #29 Love’s Enduring Promise

Part of the series above. Same type of movie.

Family Movie #30 The Confession

Amish type of faith and romance type of movie.

Family Movie #31 The Shunning

Watch this one BEFORE the Confession.

Amish type of movie.

Family Movie #32 The Reckoning

This is the third movie the above Amish series.

Family Movie #33 The Redemption of Henry Myers

I only recommend this for families with kids ages ten and up.

It’s a Christian Western with a strong, powerful message. Lots of shooting, but it’s a must-watch!

Family Movie #34 Felicity American Girl Doll

Another American Girl Doll movie favorite!

Family Movie #35 Chrissa Stands Strong

There are bathing suits at swim meets in this movie.

Good message of bullying and standing up for what’s important!

Family Movie #36 Adventures in Odyssey

Watch and listen to every single movie in this series if you can!!

Love these SO much!

Preschoolers may get scared during a few of these cartoons. Mine did!

Family Movie #37 Kit American Girl Doll

This is my favorite American Girl doll movie.

It reflects the struggles Americans faced during the Great Depression in REAL ways my kids could understand…plus they add a mystery twist to the movie!

Family Movie #38 Anne of Green Gables (The Original)

If you’ve never seen this movie, you have not lived…;0)

Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the internet!

But I’ll keep looking for you!

Family Movie #39 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Music, music and MORE music in this eccentric story that almost makes no sense..;0)

Family Movie #40 Beyond the Mask

This is so cool…think historical fiction, mixed with faith, mixed with action.

Fun note: the main two characters get married later in REAL life!!

This is NOT a cheesy, Christian movie. I

It’s like “edge of your seat” awesome.

Family Movie #41 Mary Poppins

I need Mary Poppins to sing to me right now! <3

Family Movie #42 Little Women

This version is the best. Hands down. Best writers. Best actors. Don’t argue..;0)

Family Movie #43 Inside Out

Cute for ALL ages!

Family Movie #44 Monsters Inc.

It’s almost embarrassing how much I love this movie. Adorable!

Family Movie #45 Monsters University

This is my personal favorite of the two Moster movies, but we mute and fast forward the short party scene.

Family Movie #45 When Calls the Heart

Watch the movie or the show series. You’ll win either way! Wholesome!

Family Movie #47 Time Changer

Might be a smidge scary for preschoolers, but it has great life lessons for Christians!

Eye-opening for families!

Family Movie #48 Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

Wholesome Christian kid movie.

Family Movie #49 Babe

This sweet pig gets lots of laughs from us!

Family Movie #50 Charlotte’s Web

Sweet and cute!

Family Movie #51 Lady and the Tramp

It’s a love story about dogs…;0)

Family Movie #52 Misty Island Rescue

Our favorite Thomas the Train movie!

Family Movie #53 Samantha American Doll

This American girl doll movie is a favorite too! Loaded with good lessons and history!

#54 Mandie and the Secret Tunnel

Cheesy, but kids like it! It’s a little adventurous, but kind of dorky in a fun way…ha! Super clean!

#55 Three Muskateers Mickey Version

A fun watch for Mickey fans!

#56 Peanuts Movie

Older kids will think it’s slow and boring, but younger kids will probably like it!

#57 Up.

This is a fun film that our family giggles and laughs throughout–after the sad beginning.

We love the fact that this movie portrays a couple who loved each other and stayed married until “death do we part”.

#58 The Runner from Ravenshead.

Wow! This is an adorable movie that my kids were on edge the entire time.

Only kids act in this movie and it is full of adventure.

My kids love the three-year-old little boy that delivers some great acting.

This is an allegory about finding refuge and deliverance from “wardens” we face in life.

This is definitely a must-watch!

#59 The Miracle Worker.

This has been the best film I have ever watched concerning Helen Keller.

It was entertaining and informative at the same time.

I didn’t like the fake Southern accents, but that’s me :)

#60 Facing the Giants

A faith-focused flick that’s full of sports and family!

What Family Movie Would You Add to This BIG List>

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