A Baby’s on The Way—Prepare the Siblings!

preparing kids for babies

Now it’s official. A new bambino is on the way. Have you told your other munchkins?

Each time I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t keep the news in. I would always tell the kids in rushed tones of excitement coupled with cheerful body language. They knew mommy was really happy about something! Even though I was excited, it didn’t guarantee they would be—but it did help the situation!

You see, a mother’s attitude towards her unborn child resonates with her children. In fact, parents’ attitudes as a whole effect and mold their kids’ opinions.

If you stick around at our house, you will hear my oldest son discuss politics — with an ultra-conservative slant. You will also hear my girls imagining that they are stay-at-home moms who do some writing on the side.You may just happen to notice how my kids drop everything and rush to the door when daddy comes home.

All of those attitudes are a reflection of my husband and me.

While kids pick up our positives, they also pick up our negatives.

The most effective way to prepare your kids for their new brothers and sisters is to have a positive outlook about your pregnancy and the new baby. Don’t complain of all the pregnancy woes — though there are many — or about the dreaded sleepless nights. The kids will hear this and may begin to blame the baby for your discomforts.

Talking about the baby is another way to spark an interest in the mysterious little one that temporarily resides in your belly.

My family was just giggling last night as we were reminiscing my son’s questions about his future sister. Our conversation went something like this.

“Yes, Joshua.”
“Does baby have hands?”
“Yes, the baby has hands.”
“Does baby have a face?”
“Yes, the baby has a face.”
“Does baby have feet?”
“Yes, the baby has feet.”

When his sister finally arrived, he gave her one look and yelled, “She doesn’t have any teeth!”

Young children’s concept of a new baby is very limited. We must take time and discuss the new baby with our kids. Answer questions and ask questions. Discuss plans for the baby. As soon as you settle upon a name, always refer to the baby using his or her name. It adds a personal touch!

If your child loves to help, and most youngsters do, then invite him to help you prepare for the baby. Show him or her where the diapers will be and explain to your child the important task of bringing mommy diapers, wipes and rash cream. When your bambino arrives, it won’t take much coaxing to have a diaper assistant, and he or she will feel needed and wanted!

If your child enjoys pretend play, consider purchasing a baby doll. You can teach your child the concepts of a new baby with the doll. Especially important concerns such as the fragile soft spot, germs, touching gently and not making loud noises around the baby. If you plan on doing a lot of walking with your new baby, buy a doll stroller for your child to push her baby!

Another major influence on your child’s reaction to the baby is abrupt changes in life. Don’t plan on any major changes during the first few months after the baby is born. No moving to another house, no vacations, no switching bedrooms etc. Try to keep everything the way it was before the baby was born. There are enough transitions with a newborn, adding more could send your child’s head spinning!

Also consider letting your children feel the baby move. Feeling those baby kicks creates a bond that is beyond words!

Have you successfully prepared your kids for a new baby? If you did, what techniques worked for you? Share it in the comments section and help out other readers!

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