Amazingly Delicious Crab Appetizers

You know that feeling when you go to your favorite restaurant and you want to order the entire appetizer menu? You’re about to experience deja vu right now when you catch a glimpse of these amazingly delicious crab appetizers.

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A big party, epic football game or crazy family fun night wouldn’t be the same without the most dee-lish appetizers on earth, right? Take your special day to the next level by serving up something better than chips and dip. Yeah, crab appetizers always get “oohs and aahs” from a crowd!

Now, I have one teeny-tiny favor to ask. When you serve these amazingly delicious crab appetizers at your next event, please make sure you invite me! Yes, I want to be your personal, professional taste-tester. Pretty please?

Most of these recipes give you the option of using imitation or fresh crab meat. Some people prefer the imitation because crabs are bottom feeders. I know that’s TMI for some people, but honesty is the best policy when it comes to food.

Some people prefer the imitation because it’s cheaper. Totally get that. Me? I prefer anything and everything labeled “crab.” If it’s an appetizer with crab meat, I’m digging in! I can ask questions about real versus imitation later — wink, wink!

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Get ready to be the hostess with the mostest with these recipes that will get your taste buds hopping!


Amazingly Delicious Crab Appetizers

  • You know that heat n eat freezer section? Yeah, I totally pass the poppers in there…I only want the home-made version. These cheesy crab poppers will make your cheese-lovin’ guests jump for joy!
  • Who said au gratin was only potatoes? I betcha they never dug into this crab au gratin recipe!
  • Mushrooms are not allowed in our house. But for mushroom fans, I’ll share this crab stuffed mushrooms recipe with you. Eat mushrooms at your own taste-buds risk.
  • Hold me back! I could eat crab rangoon for days, especially when it’s served with a raspberry salsa! You’ll be convinced it’s one of the best appetizers on earth when you chow down on these crab rangoon taquitos.
  • Avocado is close to my heart — and stomach. It’s super-awesome for you and tastes ahh-mazing! I love how crab and avocado become best friends in this avocado crab salad.
  • Corn and crab sing a duet in these corn crab salad tortilla cups.
  • Want to know my most popular recipe of all time? It’s these crab rangoon egg rolls. And honey, let me tell you they are soooooooo good! There’s a reason why people keep sharing this recipe with friends and family!
  • A few weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed a fun and fancy date. I ordered crab cakes that looked just like these original Old Bay carb cakes. When I dug into those amazing cakes, I knew I had ordered the right dish!
  • Looking ofr a fun party dip that features crab? Check out this crab rangoon dip with wonton chips.
  • Super easy crab puffs are a fun addition to your traditional crab appetizer recipes collection!
  • I can’t wait to dig into these shrimp and crab enchiladas.
  • I could eat baguettes every day of my life. Every day! This crab stuffed baguette recipe looks like a yummy change-up to my traditional tomatoes and basil baguette go-to.
  • Enjoy your crab rangoon in a cutesy cresenct up in this crab rangoon crescent cup recipe.

Now that you’ve got your head full of crab appetizer ideas, get to cooking! And, don’t forget, invite me over to be your personal taste-tester! It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it — wink,m wink!

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