My Baby is Sick — Now What?

My infant son had been more fussy than usual. I cuddled, rocked and sang to him softly. I decided to check his temperature — just in case. When I looked at the thermometer I instantly began crying. Call it first time mom emotions. Call it a helicopter parent response. I call it unexperienced concern and love for one of the most precious treasures in my life. My first thoughts were what most new mom thoughts are in this unsettling circumstance — my baby is sick, now what?

my baby is sick now what

My son also sounded congested and looked achingly miserable. Where was my happy, bubbly baby boy? This was a new territory for my motherhood journey. I never had the responsibility of a tiny human being leaning on me for guidance and help to get through his physical ailments. I felt helpless and completely unprepared for this new responsibility. What could I do?

I did what most new moms do. I called my mom and dad.

My son was their first grand baby. I knew they would care and listen to my fears and walk me through the situation. They told me some things they had always tried when I was little. Then they recommended me calling my son’s pediatrician.

I called my pediatrician’s office and my best friend’s mom answered the phone. How awesome that my best friend’s mom was the receptionist at my son’s pediatricians office? She heard the worry in my voice but gently calmed my fears. I did everything — I mean everything — she told me to do in a very meticulous manner. My brain kicked into a “I need to save my child’s life now” mode. Not because his life was actually in danger, but because  I was letting my mind wander to the worse case scenarios. You’ve never done that, have you? ;0)

Fast forward 14 years and I have learned a few things about babies being sick. I’ve learned the some advice family and friends gave me could actually be dangerous. I learned that babies will run fevers sometimes and not be very ill. I learned that babies, toddlers and young children can get congested often and there are some simple natural remedies that will help clear congestion.

I wish someone had given me the choice of natural, ready-to-use remedies when my first baby was sick. I’m so thankful Maty’s healthy products sponsored this post and created mom-made, natural helps for babies, children and moms when illnesses and health issues arise. Now my youngest two children can reap the benefits from these amazing products — and your babies can too!

my baby is sick now what

About a year ago I was introduced to Maty’s story. Reading about a mom who had a daughter with heart defects and needed natural helps struck a chord in this mom’s heart. I knew that the creator of Maty’s products knew what it was like to see her baby sick. I knew she knew what it was like to feel unprepared and helpless. I knew that she understood the fear of giving your child something to soothe congestion that had a huge list of active ingredients and desiring for something more simple.

I’ve always been concerned about the dangers, interactions and possible effects that many over-the-counter reliefs for congestion, fevers, aches and pains list on their products. What a relief it was to read that a concerned mom spent the time, energy and money to create a line of natural products to help babies, young children and moms feel better without the scary side effects!

When I give my two youngest children Maty’s baby chest rub for their congestion I feel confident they are getting the help they need! I kind of go a little bit crazy with this amazing stuff. I rub it on their  chests. I rub it on their feet and place socks on those cute tootsies for overnight relief. I also dab a little under their noses.

Congestion in a baby can be so upsetting and frustrating for baby and mom! Babies need their rest so their bodies can fight illnesses. Moms need their rest so they can function and take care of their family’s needs. Choosing a natural baby chest rub is one way to help fight congestion so you and your baby can rest and breathe again. When you want to cry out, “My baby is sick, now what?” reach for a jar of this mom-created product that will give you and your baby comfort!

Have you ever looked at an ingredient list and fell in love with it? Sounds weird, but when I look at Maty’s healthy products ingredient list I can’t help but smile! Check out the ingredient list below and tell me you don’t break into a happy smile too!

baby is sick now what

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baby is sick now what

Thanks to Maty’s Healthy Products for sponsoring this post! Want to try Maty’s? Enter for the chance to win one of their natural healing kits here.

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