Cake Making Tips Everyone Should Know

Before You Enter the World of Baking Cakes, You Need to Read This!

I was thrown into the world of making bakery-style cakes.


cake making tips

Six kids in ten years of marriage equals a lot of birthdays.

And every kid wanted a special cake.

I had to learn how to make the perfect cake fast.

And, bake then, I didn’t have Cupcake Wars to binge-watch…;0)

Fast forward to today and now I have four daughters who are all baking circles around me.

Our oven is constantly being preheated.

The mixer is buzzing at full speed…

And the aroma of baked, homemade goodies fills our home several times a week.

These Cake Making Tips Helped Our Family Love Baking Cakes!

We rarely buy birthday cakes anymore because we have too many bakers in our home.

Sometimes our kids will argue who “gets” to make the next birthday cake…;0)

Our baking journey did teach me that baking is extremely different than cooking.

I actually have to measure ingredients…ha!

And I can’t take as many shortcuts.

cake making tips that are genius

Let me help your baking journey go more smoothly and be a smidge less messier than mine. :)

Here’s our very best cake making tips!

Cake Making 101: Best Cake Making Tips!

Measure Ingredients Correctly

When I’m cooking, I just eyeball ingredients and taste as I go…like Grandma did.

But with baking, you have to actually measure.

Sigh. If I’ms honest, this is not my favorite part.

And if you want to be incredibly accurate and get denser, richer results, definitely consider getting a small, kitchen scale.

Use Room Temperature Ingredients In Cakes

Eggs, milk, oil…it should all be room temperature for a silky smooth cake!

Use Parchment Paper

This helps cakes bake evenly, keeps messes at bay, and keeps the cake from sticking!

To Avoid Dome-like Cakes, Use Strips

These Bake Even Cake Strips attach around the edge of your pan.  It cools the side of your pan so that cakes bake evenly, and you don’t get less of a dome-shaped cake. Genius, right?

Don’t get stressed

Seriously…stress seems to seep into my cake baking and decorating experience.

If I get stressed, my cake looks stressed too..ha!

Play music, put your hair up, drink coffee or tea…anything that helps you relax and enjoy the baking adventure.

Sometimes I even play one of my favoite musicals…

You do you.

cake making tips

How to Make a Cake Tips You Need to Know

Cream Suger and Butter Thoroughly

Don’t rush this part.

As in, mix the two for several minutes.

The butter should lighten in color and the mixture will be creamy.

Don’t overbake.

A friend of mine who always seemed to bring the most moist cakes to every church potluck told me to remove cakes a few minutes before I think they’re actually done.

And it worked.

If you leave your cake in the pan to cool, it continues to “cook” a little as it cools.

Completely Cool Cakes Before Frosting

Never skip this step.


Call someone and tell them you’re running late if you’re going to be late, but don’t try to rush this process.

The only exception is freezing or putting the cake in the fridge to cool.

But you need to completely cool your cake before letting any frosting touch that cake.

Pinky promise you will!

If possible, freeze or refrigerate your cake one day before frosting.

This tends to give you even better, cleaner results during the frosting process!

Scrape the Bowl.

Throughout the mixing process, occasionally, stop the mixer and scrape the bowl with a silicone spatula.

This will get any of the flour, butter or sugar bits that try to run away. :)

how to make a cake

Remember, There are Other Options

Don’t forget about plan b, c, and d if something goes wrong.

Things happen during the baking process.

Maybe you forgot to add the eggs.

Maybe you didn’t whisk the batter long enough.

Remember, there are always other options before tossing your cake and drowning in a puddle of tears.

You can crumble up your cake and make little parfait cups.

You can make a “lava” cake if your oven thermometer broke mid baking adventure.

Cover it with ice cream, hot fudge, nuts, and everyone will assume it was a planned, creative idea…;0)

Separate Eggs When Cold

If your recipe calls for separated eggs, do that before bringing them to room temperature.

Eggs always separate more easily when cold.

If You’re in a Hurry, Reach for a Box

If you’re short on time and need to use a cake mix, it’s totally ok.

Don’t panic, you can still jazz up your cake so it tastes like it’s from scratch.

Or almost from scratch…;0)

Our quick-fix tips for making boxed cake mixes taste better-than-box and almost homemade is as follows:

Ready to Start Your Cake Making Journey?

Let us know how Your Adventures Went!

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