Cooking with Kids Series — Five Simple Recipes to Get Your Munchkins Cooking!

kids and cooking

Cooking with kids is definitely a must. Memories are made and new life skills are learned.

Last night was super-busy. After my kids’ naps, we had to hurry to get floors mopped, the yard swept and chairs set up for a church service. We live overseas and church services take place in our home. At 6 p.m., motorcycles start piling in our driveway and the fun begins. Not to mention trying to keep two toddlers happy and quiet as well as a German Shepherd!

As I grabbed the broom and mop, I told my daughter to make tuna salad. Then, my son offered to assemble sandwiches and toast them in the oven. After I swept and mopped, I quickly whisked some tomato paste, milk and other ingredients for some creamy tomato soup. In very little time, dinner was finished. We feasted on tuna melts and home-made tomato soup — with very little help on my part.

My daughter is 10 and my son is 12. They are capable of making many home-made meals from scratch. The time (and fun) that we spend in the kitchen has really paid off. I cannot begin to emphasize how much of a blessing it will be to your entire family if your kids learn how to cook.

No, it’s not just because mom or dad may be busy, and your kids can step-up and help. But, it’s seeing your kids grow up. It’s seeing them stretch their wings and fly on their own. It’s seeing their faces light up as they realize they just accomplished an “adult chore.” If you have never cooked alongside your kids, I encourage you to start — now!

Any mom who focuses on developing and molding her child’s character and abilities has spent time with him or her in the kitchen. This week, I have traveled in cyber-space and visited other blogs which focused on cooking with their kids. All of the blog-owners gave me permission to share their tips and photos. Check out some of my fave’s below and may you be inspired to cook — with your kids!

cooking with kids

True Aim shared this amazing and hearty Shepherd’s Pie recipe. The kiddos helped with chopping veggies, and of course taste-testing the final result! There are also some great tips about making this a freezer meal so save you time on a busy day!

cooking with kids

Ahhh! Breakfast! That meal that screams at you every morning as your wipe your groggy eyes. I do try to make breakfast BEFORE my kids wake up, but if it doesn’t happen, this would be a great recipe to teach the munchkins! What kid doesn’t love bananas? Thanks to Life At the Zoo for sharing this recipe. She also has loads more of kid-friendly recipes on her site!

cooking with kids

These cute sparklers are super simple for the extra young cooks. Mama Pea Pod did a great job at teaching her kids that cooking is fun! Try these for birthday parties of other special times. Change out the colors and candies for some extra pizzazz!

cooking with kids

On the healthier side of things, Janine did a great job at teaching her kids how to make home-made granola! I love me some granola with yogurt, honey and fresh fruit! Teaching kids simple, healthy recipes at a young age will encourage them to continue a healthy-eating lifestyle as adults! Janine is on the right track with adding healthy treats to her cooking classes with the munchkins.

Cooking with kids

Home-made noodles — yum! There are probably hundreds of recipes you can make from noodles! Teaching your child to make home-made noodles sounds like loads of fun. Amanda shares this recipe that not only teaches measuring skills, but also patience. The drying time for noodles is long, but kids will learn that patience pays off as they eat their yummy creations!

What are your favorite recipes you use to teach your kids to cook? We would love to hear about them!

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