Crazy Easy Owl Cupcakes

Are you an owl fan? These crazy easy owl cupcakes are as simple as they are yummy! Cookies, chocolate, cream — oh my! Yes, these cupcakes are perfect for any owl fan in your house!

owl cupcakes recipe

There’s something about those big, adorable eyes on these cutesy cupcakes. They’re almost too cute to eat — almost!

Oooh! And you know all those jelly beans you have left over from your spring celebrations? Mmm-hmm…you can use them in this cutie pie recipe! Still have some leftover after you whip up these cupcakes? Then, create these cutesy flower cupcakes with even MORE jelly beans! Psst! Make sure you only use my favorite kind of jelly bean…all others? They can just be tossed, recycled and never eaten again. In fact, glue them to a box, paint them and call it DIY Pinterest, super-cute art. Some things are better for decorating than eating. Just sayin’!

Don’t you love surprising your kids with something a little extra special? Sure, I go the easy route many times and grab popsicles, cookies and other treats form the store. But those days when I serve them homemade popsicles, homemade cookies and yes, homemade cupcakes are the moments they remember most!

easy owl cupcakes

To this day my kids talk about unique, kid-approved recipes. You know — the character cakes, castle cakes, heart-shaped rice krispie treats or S’mores made from buttery crackers. Those are the recipes that tie a sweet, warm and fuzzy memory to it.

Sure, my hands are stained with food coloring and I had to sacrifice an additional hour of chatting with a friend on Facebook — but it was well worth the time and energy I put into creating a yummy memory for a special kiddo.

owl cupcake recipe materials

Maybe I’m a little overboard in the nostalgia area, but I don’t want my kids growing up saying, “I never had homemade rice krispy treats, cookies or owl cupcakes!” Hopefully, they’ll remember that mommy wasn’t super woman, but she did what she could — even if her first batch of cupcakes totally caved in the middle! Even if her rice krispie treats were a little too marshmallowy — because mom always loved that marshmallow goodness!

easy owl cupcake recipe

Oh, and if you want some perfectly perfect baking form a cake mix tips — check out these bakery secrets that help you create an out-of-this world cake — from a cake mix! And if you’re in a HUGE baking mood, go ahead and make a batch of cookies from a cake mix too! Those are so easy my six-year-old can make them!

owl cupcake recipe

So, go ahead. Add some not-so-traditional cupcakes to your child’s day and surprise him or her with these oh-so-adorable, crazy easy owl cupcakes that will make almost anyone smile — including my husband! Yeah, they’re that cute! 


Want to take this cupcake recipe to super-mom level? Add a fun craft to your owl-filled day with these owl ornaments made form CDs!  They’re a cinch to make!

Now, go preheat that oven!

easy owl cupcakes

Crazy Easy Owl Cupcakes

Crazy easy owl cupcakes are super-cute -- and they taste as good as they look! Make your child's childhood just a little bit more special with these whimsical cupcakes!
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 24 cupcakes


  • 24 cupcakes made using the specialty baking tips in the post
  • 48 Oreos
  • 24 orange jelly beans
  • edible write-on gel pen
  • 2 cups chocolate frosting


  • Frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
  • Using a knife, place two little globs of chocolate frosting where the owls ears are. Lift up slowly so it makes "peaks"
  • Twist apart 2 oreos so that the white part shows. Scrape off any black marks on it with a knife.
  • Open all Oreos and place two Oreos on each cupcake with the cream facing upward. Gently scrape off any cookie crumbs with a butter knife.
  • Carefully draw on pupils with black gel on top of the cream-side up Oreos.
  • Grab a pair of scissors and cut a triangle on the bottom of the jelly beans. Attach to the cupcake to create a beak.
  • Refrigerate for thirty minutes to help set all the decorations.
  • Enjoy!

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