8 Fun and Simple Day Trips for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Are you aching to get outside? Just because you have toddlers or preschoolers doesn’t mean you can’t get out and have some fun! Here are some day trips that you and your tiny companions will enjoy! Who said big kids get all the fun anyway?

summer day trips for preschoolers

Psst! I kept these ideas super simple. Why? Because you’re a mom and some days we need simple — just to function. I’m talking frozen pizza and goldfish for lunch simple. So don’t see the words “day trip” and feel like you need to run and hide your head under the pillow. You won’t have to plan a million outfits or three meals. But, you will want to take your camera to catch all your favorite, fun memories!

fun day trips for toddlers and preschoolers

So, get outside your home and enjoy some outings with your kids. Yes, you will have to change out of your jammies, but trust me, you WILL be glad you did. So get your toddler and preschoolers ready to have some simple fun — outside your home!

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Fun, Simple Day Trips for Preschoolers

  • The local zoo. Pack some sunscreen, bottled water, snacks, a camera and head out as early as possible for this day trip. Don’t forget to take along some spending money in case you spy some really cute souvenirs at the gift shop. This was one of my fave parts of a zoo trip when I was a munchkin!
  • Preschoolers love seeing animals up close and learning about them so take extra time to read your kiddos the information that is available about each exhibit. Many local zoos also offer a farm-life area that is hands-on where kids can feed lots of baby animals. What preschooler doesn’t love feeding the baby goats a bottle of milk!

  • A berry farm. Check out your local farm for some good pickin’! Pick the juiciest strawberries and head home and bake pies, strawberry shortcake or try out some strawberry smoothies!
  • The library. Libraries today offer more than just books. There are DVDS, books on CD and other fun things to check out. Many libraries also offer special shows and activities during the summer. Some have special activity rooms where kids can knit, crochet, paint, make bead necklaces and other hands-on educational activities. The library is also a nice place for moms to relax. Enjoy the quiet while your child plays some computer games, board games or checks out the newest books for his or her age group. Libraries also offer summer reading programs that offer fun perks like free meals, free treats, free toys and even some free passes to favorite play areas.
  • The park. Recreational parks are adding more and more cool stuff everyday. Some add long bike trails, fish ponds, amazingly tall slides and of course the classic favorite — swings. The park is best enjoyed early in the morning or in the late afternoon to avoid the bees, hot sun and crowd.
  • Indoor playgrounds. This option is fun for parents and kids. Most indoor playgrounds offer a cozy nook for the parents to enjoy some Joe and read some books while the kids jump, run and jump in a supervised, air-conditioned facility. Once you locate your favorite spot, keep an ear out for upcoming deals and promotions. Some of these playgrounds offer seasonal discounts that can save your family a good bit of money.
  • Children’s Museum. These museums are full of sensory learning experiences for all ages. Many have pretend grocery stores, IMAX theaters, craft areas and fish petting areas. These tend to be a little bit more expensive than other day outings, but well worth a planned visit. You could also include the grandparents to make this a more memorable trip.
  • Special shows. Check out your city’s popular entertainment coliseum to see when special kid-friendly shows are available. Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street and other favorites often have fun kid performances country-wide during the summer to provide top-notch entertainment for small children.
  • Build-a-bear. Spend the day making stuffed animals! Kids love to create things, and making a teddy bear or other stuffed animal is no exception. Your child will be able to pick out their own stuffed animal, help stuff it and place a heart inside. Your child will also be given the important responsibility of naming the stuffed animal. Special keepsakes and a certificate will be given to your child as well that he can keep to remember this special outing. The Build-a-bear stuffed animals are also high quality and can last for quite a while. Definitely worth the experience and memories!

What day trips make your preschooler smile? Share your ideas on social media with the other moms in our community!

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