8 Energizing Tips for Busy and Tired Moms

Are you a Tired Mom? Here’s Help!

Sometimes moms need to unwind.

Pregnancy, small children and busy schedules can zap a mom’s energy.

Tips for tired and busy moms

Finding energy throughout the day to just to get the daily tasks done can sometimes be difficult.

That’s when you need some extra ,energizing tips to help you get the most out of your motherhood journey!

Four years ago I was expecting my fifth child, parenting four kids ages six and under and trying to adjust to a third-world culture.

That pregnancy had been tough.

So tough, that is brought me to tears — many times.

I needed energy to clean the house, cook meals, home-school my kids and teach piano.

But, it seemed that there was no hope to re-energize myself.

I kept feeling like my spirit was dragging my body around the house in a survival-mode mentality.

Many times I would find myself drifting off to sleep if I sat anywhere for longer than 10 minutes.

Something had to change.

Tips for tired and busy moms

After tears and many prayers, I began to try to loads of what I call “energy tricks.”

These tricks helped me then and continue to help me as I raise six kids, home-school, minister to Cambodians and write to encourage other moms.

It’s still a busy life, but with these tips, I can keep up!

If you’re a mom struggling with being constantly tired and lacking energy, try these energizing tips and see if they add a pep to your step!

I hope they do!

8 Energizing Tips for Tired and Busy Moms

Energizing Tip #1: Exercise

It seems, ironic, doesn’t it?

Your body says lay down, take a nap or just sit down and rest.

But, most of the times our body could use some heart-pumping aerobics.

During my fourth pregnancy, I was completely drained but had two toddlers that needed an energetic mom.

When I started exercising at night, I felt great the next day.

I had the energy to run around and play tag or “Duck, duck, goose.”

For some busy moms, exercise is a naughty word.

If that’s you, start small.

Start with ten minutes in the morning and then ten at night.

Gradually, you can work up to a 35-45 minute workout routine.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase a gym membership to benefit from exercising, you just need to be consistent.

Start with low-impact aerobics or walking.

In no time, you will see an amazing difference in your energy levels — and waist size!

Energizing Tip #2: Get your sleep!

When I was a tired, breast-feeding mom I relayed to my child’s doctor I was concerned about the amount of breast-milk my baby was getting.

He immediately relayed to me that it was imperative for me to get seven hours of sleep every single night.

I wanted to burst out laughing — seven hours?

Life with a newborn and several other kiddos at home was not an easy task.

But — he was right.

In order for my milk supply to stay up and for me to stay energized, I needed my rest.

Even if you can’t fit in seven hours at night, try to sneak in an hour or two during your kid’s or baby’s naps.

Making time to rest will save you time in the big picture.

You will work faster, walk faster and face tasks with a cheerier attitude.

Do you want more energy? Rest!

Take your vitamins.

Some of us moms have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that we are unaware of it. Popping a quality multivitamin every day will help you cover those bases if you have a hard time working those iron-rich veggies into your day. Though it is not a replacement for a healthy, balanced diet, it certainly helps and doesn’t hurt!

Energizing Tip #3: Take a break

Every single day, give yourself 20 minutes of downtime.

Use this time to relax in a quiet area.

Maybe you relax by reading a book or drinking some hot tea.

Whatever helps you unwind, do it for 20 minutes every single day.

This small amount of time helps you re-focus, re-energize and get back on the busy mommy track.

Energizing Tip #4: Cut back on sugar.

I know.

That should be a very, very evil thing to say.

Unfortunately, it is true.

Sugar many times gives you a quick energy rush and then a crash that sends you into a fatigue, energy-drained mode.

I didn’t say eliminate it, just cut back.

It made a difference in my mommy routine, and I hope it will in yours!

Energizing Tip #5: Get to bed by 10 p.m

Some of you are laughing right now, I know.

And yes, I still find it difficult to be in bed by 10 pm.

However, there is a major difference in my body when I start snoozing at 10 instead of midnight.

Plus, it helps me wake up earlier than my kids, which gives me a head-start!

Energizing Tip #6: Limit caffeine

Two years ago I started limiting caffeine — and it has made a huge difference.

Many times caffein would have a high energy mode and then cause me to come crashing down fro 6 or 12 hours.

Now, I save my caffeine for unreasonable late nights (When I have extra projects to finish, traveling or visiting friends.)

Because I drink so little caffeine, when I do drink it is has a super-energy effect that can be sparingly used when I need some extra energy.

But, sparingly is the word.

Loading up on caffeine daily — or even several times a week — can have an exhausting effect on some women, and it certainly did for me.

Energizing Tip #7: Drink more water

Keep a bottle or cup of water near you at all times and keep drinking!

Your body runs much more smoothly when it’s well-hydrated.

It doesn’t take me long to feel run down, and sometimes it just takes a few cups of water to get my body back on track.

Energizing Tip #8: Take Your Vitamins!

Don’t skimp on your vitamins!

Take a well-researched multi-vitamin daily to boost your energy!

What steps have you taken to get more energy back into your day?

Being a mom takes lots of work!

Pump up your energy fuels and enjoy being a mom again!

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