Easter Printable Purse for Kids

Download and print this Easter purse for some simple, dress-up fun!

My daughter has been collecting treasures since she was two years old.

Stones, rocks and even her latest craft creations could be found in her purse. I personally loved seeing her carry around her “treasures.”

If you have a preschooler or toddler who loves collecting treasures, they’ll adore this little purse! It’s the perfect size for treasure collecting! 

This Easter printable purse for preschoolers is so fun for kids who love purses, pocketbooks and keeping treasure in a safe place! Download the printable! #easter #printable #purse #preschoolers #easterprintable #easterfun #easterforkids

I love having fun and new surprises for my kids — especially when they’re super-simple!

This purse is one of those download, print, cut and tape kind of things.

hey chick printable purse for kids

Just a few steps and your adventurous kiddo is gathering treasures in an adorable purse!

hey chick printable purse for kids

Little trinkets can easily fit in this tiny purse.

Psst! You can even use it for Easter treasures…like those chocolate eggs we all love!

hey chic printable purse

Because my daughter loves flowers AND treasures, I have to constantly having to tell her not to pick other people’s flowers when we’re walking around the neighborhood…:)

But she’s free to snatch up wildflowers on our fun travels!

And she can place those beautiful, little flowers in this Easter purse!

And she can make these paper flowers and add them to the flower stash too!

hey chick printable purse

These also make easy treat boxes or even tiny Easter baskets.

You can fit two plastic eggs in these purses or a few pack of mini bubbles and treats.

Oooh! And this purse has TWO different sides.

One side is just a picture of the chick — the other side?

It has the words, “Hey Chick” on it.

Cute or what?!

hey chick printable purse

If you’re planning a party or a classroom activity, you can have these printed and ready for kids to assemble.

If you want to add an extra dash of fun, print out these printable wallets too!

Just make sure kids are being supervised when cutting is involved!

hey chick printable purse

This adorable purse (or pocketbook…whatever you like to call it!) is the perfect way to encourage pretend and outdoor play!

I love having a stash of dress-up outfits and accessories for my kids.

Even my teens will get involved and all six of my kids will play for hours.

They’ll create movies, plays and enjoy a lazy day of Saturday pretend play.

I love seeing my kids connect, play and enjoy sibling time without screens.

Can I get an Amen right there?! :)

hey chick pretend purse

Ready to download and encourage some pretend play and treasure hunting?

Click the image below and you’ll be able to snag your printable hey chick purse!