How to Be Super Mom in the Eyes of Your Kids

Can You be a Super Mom in Your Child’s Eyes?

Being a supermom has gotten a bad rap the past few years…

Instead, we as moms are now being pressured to “just be real.”

And I get it.

We don’t want to be fake…plastic…or devote our life to becoming something we never can be — a perfect human being that’s also a mom.

It’s just not realistic.

But what is realistic is trying to be a super-mom in the eyes of your kids.

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The truth is kids never expect us to be flawless…

Instead, they expect us to be their anchor, their source of love and encouragement as well as their cheerleader.

And it doesn’t take a super-mom to do all that.

Have you ever noticed how kids are happy with the simplest things?

Cartoons, little toys, a batch of rice krispie treats…

These all make a kids day more special.

And you can be the mom who’s beside them watching the cartoons.

You can be the mom who surprises them with little toys. (We love building blocks and calico critters!)

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Those rice krispie treats that make them smile? You can be the mom making those super, simple recipes too!

That’s not crazy-complicated, right?

What Does Being a Super Mom Look Like?

Sometimes being a super-mom looks like cooking simple meals for your family.

Not crazy, thirty-step meals, but simple, homemade, from-the-heart meals.


Because you’re meeting your child’s physical need of hunger on a daily basis.

And sometimes meeting that need is met with a paper bag of chicken nuggets and french fries from the drive-thru.

It takes balance and flexibility to be super-mom.

Being perfect isn't possible...but being a super mom in the eyes of your kids is. Find out how you can be the super-mom your kids want! #pintsizedtreasures #supermom #moms #Parenting #motherhood #momlife #mommy #momblog #parentingtips

A super-mom knows when things get tough, she has to give herself, her husband and her kids a break. She has to extend grace.

That’s where the chicken nuggets and fries come in…ha!

By the way, we just had tortilla pizza from a restaurant today because I needed extra grace…and it came in the form of restaurant take-out! :)

What else does a Super-Mom Do?

A super-mom makes her children a huge priority.

She’s the mom who sacrifices behind-the scenes.

She’s the mom who tries to give her kids 17 hugs a day and greet them with smiles.

She’s the mom that tucks her kids in, washes their hair, kisses their boo-boos and reads them bedtime stories.

She’s also the mom that’s honest with her kids.

When she’s struggling with her health, her emotions or even in relationships, she let’s her children know it’s a difficult time and asks them to give her grace.

They see that adult life can be hard, and that not even super-mom is perfect.

They see that it’s ok to admit when you’re struggling in and area.

They also see that even in the midst of struggles, a person can choose joy.

Choose to smile.

And choose to think of others.

And if you’re a stay-at-home mom who needs more encouragement, we have an entire stay-at-home course with videos and printable in our shop!

And if you’re struggling in your marriage, we also have a very popular marriage book that will help you strengthen your marriage and love your husband even more! <3

A super-mom invests time and money into her kids.

Loads of parents agree with investing time into raising your kids, but sometimes they forget that’s important to invest financially in your kids as well.

Beyond the food, , medical care, clothing and shelter part…;0)

Like starting a savings fund for them…

Or saving up your own money so that you can help them through college one day.

Or, for the here-and-now picture, sometimes it means super-mom giving up her wants so that she can give her child something special….like those more expensive shoes or a trip to Disney World.

Investing your time and money into your kids is always worth it.


Your kids won’t remember every little detail about their childhood, but they will remember if you loved them, provided for them and spent time with them.

They will remember that their childhood was full of hugs..instead of yelling.

They will remember the their mom made time to cook for them, do their laundry and even teach them important life skills!

And they’ll definitely remember all the times you were the silly mom!

So stop stressing about being perfect, but take joy in knowing that being a super-mom in the eyes of your kids is really quite simple.

Give them a happy home (And we have an entire book dedicated to creating a happy home in 25 days) and you’ll be super-mom in their eyes.

Now and forever.

Here’s to your super-mom journey!

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