Peanuts Movie Inspired Meal Ideas

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The New Peanuts Movie comes out November 6! What better way to get the kids excited about the upcoming movie release than with a family viewing party complete with one of the original Charlie Brown® movies and a meal inspired by the characters?

peanuts charlie brown meal ideas

With a copy of a classic Peanuts movie, delicious food, and a few creative touches, you can have all the makings of a fun family night.

peanuts inspired meal ideas

Below you’ll find two recipe ideas using Tyson chicken strips and Tyson chicken nuggets from Sam’s®. that are sure to become big hits with your family.

tyson chicken at sams

You’ll also see how to quickly and easily make food toppers that add an extra element of fun to the meal. Don’t miss the free printable too!

tyson chicken strips in a recipe

Did you watch Charlie Brown®. when you were younger or read the Peanuts comic strip? Now the release of The Peanuts Movie will bring back those colorful characters for a whole new generation to watch and enjoy. If you’ve been a fan for years, I’m sure you’re familiar with Charlie Brown’s iconic zig zag shirt and Linus’s beloved, blue blanket. They were the inspiration behind the menu for our viewing party. Pair that inspiration with a delicious meal solution like Tyson chicken, and you get Charlie Brown®. Chicken Sandwiches and Chicken in a Linus®. Blanket. Here’s how your family can enjoy these delicious and hearty meals.

Have you heard of pigs in a blanket? Here’s a new twist on an old classic with Tyson chicken wrapped in croissant dough. It’s chicken in a blanket — a Linus® blanket!

peanuts inspired chicken in a blanket

Chicken in a Linus®. Blanket

What You’ll Need:
Tyson chicken strips (purchased from Sam’s®
croissant dough

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
2. Lay out several pieces of chicken strips on a baking pan.
3. Stretch pieces of croissant dough around each chicken strip.
4. Bake in the oven for 15-18 minutes until the croissant dough looks golden brown.

How about a sandwich option? This is sure to bring a smile, and the kids will love decorating their own sandwich with sauce.

peanuts movie meal ideas

Charlie Brown® Chicken Sandwiches

What You’ll Need:
Tyson chicken nuggets (purchased from Sam’s®)
sandwich buns
barbecue sauce
cheese slices
tomato, lettuce, other sandwich toppings (optional)

1. Read the directions on the Tyson chicken nuggets and cook according to package instructions.
2. Layer a bun, patty, and piece of cheese together.
3. Use barbecue sauce (or ketchup) to squirt a zig zag pattern across the slice of cheese. It will look like the pattern on Charlie Brown’s shirt.
4. Add your sandwich toppings and enjoy.

These meal ideas are perfect for a private family movie night, but they are just as ideal for a public Peanuts Movie viewing party with family and friends or even a Charlie Brown birthday party. Whatever the occasion, kids will love these meal ideas, and you’ll love how easy the are to prepare. Add an extra element of fun with these Charlie Brown® inspired food toppers.

charlie brown meal ideas

Charlie Brown and Linus Food Toppers
free printables (download your free printables here, here and here — and print!)
dot sitckers or tape

1. Save and print off the topper printable.
2. Cut out the individual pieces.
3. Use a sticker or tape to adhere a toothpick to the back of each paper piece.
4. Place in your food.

*Alternative: Create characters that look like your family on The Peanuts Movie website, download each one, print them off, and use the personalized characters as food toppers. You can place the one that looks like each child in with their individual plate of food.

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