Super Easy Snowman Pudding Cups

Yay! It’s time for snowmen EVERYTHING!

But busy moms need crazy-easy, super simple holiday crafts and recipes!

That’s why boys moms like you will LOVE these super easy snowman pudding cups!

super simple snowman pudding cups

Let’s be honest..

Crafts and cute recipes are fun, but if there are too many steps, too many ingredients and too many expensive ingredients, we’re likely to just snag a box of Christmas cookies at the store and call it a holiday.

But in most of us, there’s a tiny bit of “I want to make something cute for my kids!”

We just don’t know how to let that desire lead without causing a huge mess, chaos or added holiday stress.

snowman pudding cups that kids love

Not to worry — these super-cute snowman pudding cups can double as a craft and fun snack! Double win!

These are perfect for your family’s holiday celebrations or even for a fun, holiday kid party!

A few years ago, I made super simple banana pudding cups for a Christmas play practice at our church and they were a hit!

Seriously — they were super simple, but no one seemed to mind I didn’t spend hours preparing those cute cups!

simple snowman pudding cups craft and recipe

And moms, I truly want you to make warm and fun memories with your kids — not warm and stressful. Can I get a witness?!

Nad guess what? Crafts and simple recipes have actually been proven to calm people down. Forget the stress balls, make a craft!

In fact, if you make this pudding crafts, send me a picture of you and your kiddos, students or grandkiddos making them! It’s so exciting see families trying out fun, holiday ideas across the globe

Super Easy Snowman Pudding Cups that Kids and Busy Moms LOVE!

This is a fun snowman pudding recipe that moms, kids, grandparents and teacher can all pull off — together!

Psst! If you’re letting small children get involved in this recipe and craft, like ages three years old and younger, you can leave out the buttons. Those can be choking hazards, and we don’t want any holiday scares — only holiday fun! And if little one are helping do any of the cutting, make sure they’re using super-cute safety scissors like these!

Oooh! And if you’re having a snowman themed day, be sure to check out our Snowman Twister (perfect for ANY age!) and our Snowman Sensory Bin (perfect for preschoolers!)

Enjoy Snowman season and enjoy your simple snowman pudding cups!

Recipe follows below!

Super Easy Snowman Pudding Cups that Kids and Busy Moms LOVE!
Super Easy Snowman Pudding Cups
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Super Easy Snowman Pudding Cups that Kids and Busy Moms LOVE!
Super Easy Snowman Pudding Cups
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  1. Cut out a small triangle nose from your orange card stock, about 1" in length and carefully glue to the front center of your pudding cup.
  2. Use a black permanent marker to draw two circle eyes above the carrot nose and about 7 circles in a smiley face shape underneath the nose.
  3. Cut out a top hat from your black felt, size doesn't need to be exact but the bottom should be about 3" inches wide.
  4. Glue the black hat to the front rim of the pudding cup, you might need to hold in place until the glue sticks.
  5. Twist a red and green pipe cleaner together and carefully glue to the bottom of the pudding cup, criss crossing the two sides in front, and trim off the excess so the pipe cleaner scarf isn't too long.
  6. Glue a couple buttons on the hat for decoration
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