15 Creative Ways to Use Nature to Teach Kids about God

Nature is a Great Tool to Teach Kids About God!

Plus it provides super a convenient way to teach kids about their creator.

Sometimes it takes just a simple, heart-to-heart conversation to get kids thinking about God.

“Do you feel the wind?” I’ll ask my four-year-old.

She’ll nod in agreement.

Talking About Nature Helps Kids Think About God

I will tell her that even though we can’t see the wind, we know it’s there.

We see the leaves blowing and hear the trees rustling — the effects of an unseen force.

“Can we see God?” I continue to ask her.

“No, mama. We can’t see God.” she gives her honest reply.

“Right, but we can see how God works in our lives. We can see the animals he made and the tiny, cuddly babies that grew in the womb. We can’t see Him, but we can see what He has done. Just like we can see that the wind blew the leaves to the ground!”

Creative Ways to Teach Kids About God Through Nature

Nature Teaches Kids About God

I place my two-year-old in the swing and then point at the birds flying overhead.

“Look, Isaiah! Look at that bird! Who made that bird?”

He already knows the answer from our previous outside lessons.

“God!” he giggles in reply.

Loving Nature Helps Kids Learn to Love God

Next I scoop up my five-year-old and rush her to where a snail is slowly jumping from the raised pavement to the plush grass below.

“See how slow the snail is moving? How could it get away from an animal that is trying to eat it?”

My blonde-haired girl grins up at me and says, “It hides in the shell!”

“How did the snail know to hide in it’s shell?” I prod.

She shrugs and thinks.

“It’s because God gave that snail the know-how of keeping itself safe. We call that instinct. God gives animals natural instincts.” I answered.

Teaching Kids About God Can Be Simple and Fun

Charity continues to think and is happy with her new word she learned — natural instinct.

She runs off and repeats her new word continuously.

My other cutie pie loves to find the moon at night.

She’ll drop everything to declare, “The moon is out! The moon is out!”

I always remind her that God made the moon to give us a lesser light in the evening, plus something beautiful and amazing to look at every night.

What a wonderful, loving Creator we have!

Everything in Nature Points Kids to God

Our backyard excursions have taught my kids all kinds of wonderful attributes of a Creator God.

I love the fact that their minds will be musing on the exciting fact that God has provided living creatures with unique ways to protect themselves — even a slow, slimy snail.

It’s worth bundling up in cold weather and sweating in the hot to have opportunities for kids to learn, think about and experience the beauty of God’s creation.

Let’s chat about some creative, specific ways to use nature to teach kids about God!

Teach Kids About God Through Nature

15 Simple Ways to Teach Kids About God Using Nature

Make a bird-feeder or snacks for animals.

Observe all the feathered friends that come to visit!

Try these cute peanut butter treats from Lauren!

teaching kids about God through nature

Go fishing.

This is a fun way to see how God makes fish unique and enables them to breathe underwater. Learn about their God-given means of protection, their diet and manner of life.

So many fish in the sea to study!

Start a rock collection.

We like to talk about why God is called the Rock of our salvation.

How can learn about God through rocks?

They’re strong, they provide shelter for living things and so much more!

Make crafts with leaves, sticks and flowers!

Try this nature crown to teach your children about Queen Esther.

Plant a vegetable garden.

Isn’t it amazing to see a small, tiny seed transform into a healthy plant that provides delicious food for us to enjoy?

Go visit a nature museum.

It’s a great way to see many of God’s creatures in one place!

More Ways to Teach Your Kids About God Through Nature

Discover rainbows.

Talk about rainbows, look for rainbows and then make this rainbow craft to teach your kid’s about God’s promises.

Go on a bug hunt!

Grab a magnifying glass and start bug observing.

Bugs are curious creatures and we can learn a lot from watching them eat and work!

Here’s some fun, bug-collecting gear that will help your child’s bug hunting adventures!

Keep an ant farm.

Ants are amazing insects that God teaches us about in the Bible.

They are hard-working and committed to their tasks.

Kids learn amazing work ethics from ants!

Grab your own ant farm here!

Start an aquarium.

Can’t spend enough time at the pet shop checking out all the fish and underwater creatures?

Bring some home so you can learn and watch them regularly.

You can start super-small or go all out with a saltwater aquarium!

If you’re like me, you can cheat and use …don’t judge.

Study fingerprints!

The human body is a part of nature.

Talk about how everyone has their very own set of fingerprints.

If that doesn’t scream “there’s a God!” I don’t know what does!

Teaching Your Kids About God Through Nature

Scope out a close state park and hit the hiking trail.

So much to see and learn in the great outdoors!

Start a leaf notebook and collection.

This is something special your kids can refer back to time and time again.

Press flowers.

My girls and I had a lot of fun pressing leaves.

Here’s a simple flower press to check out!

Pick berries.

Mmmm…after you pick them, make sure you make this strawberry shortcake!

One of my fave berry recipes!

How Do You Teach Your Kids About God Through Nature?

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