Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt With Printables

This Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt is Incredibly Fun!

Who doesn’t love a good hunt?

This Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt is super easy to throw together! And after the scavenger hunt, be sure to play Valentine’s Day Twister too!

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If you’re looking for a super simple activity for the day of hearts, sweets, and love, your “hunt” is over.

And we have TWO scavenger hunts to choose from — or be super adventurous and play them both!

Valentine's Day scavenger hunt for kids

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that we don’t go all out for, but it’s fun to celebrate with a few crafts and activities.

Plus we have eight other Valentine’s Day game ideas for families you can check out here!

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Scavenger Hunt?

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

These scavenger hunts are a great way to bring the whole family together for a fast-paced, exciting activity!

You can check out even MORE Family Valentine’s Day games here!

It’s always awesome to have some screen-free activities up your sleeves!

You’ll find two different Scavenger Hunt variations.

The first printable instructs you to find items that start with each letter in the word Valentine.

It’s a great option for older kids who know their letters and how to spell and write.

The other scavenger hunt is perfect for all ages — ensuring that no matter how old your kids are, there’s an option that’s perfect for them.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Try these scavenger hunts inside and then move the fun outside for a whole new way to play!

If you love outdoor Valentine’s Day games, we have a CRAZY-FUN, heart Zap! game that kids of ALL ages can play!

Let us know if you love it!

What are the Two Most Important Rules of a Scavenger Hunt?

Here’s the two most important rules about a scavenger hunt for kids.


Rule 1: There is no right or wrong way to complete the printable scavenger hunt.

Rule 2: Have FUN!

Valentien's Day Scavenger hunt activity

Although these Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunts are intended for kids, they’re a great playtime activity for parents and kids to do together!

You can even have a small treat or prize on-hand as a reward for finding all of the items.

We moms know that the real prize at the end of the hunt is getting to spend time together, though.

Happy hunting!

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